Photoshop 7 - Heart Shapes

  Dirty Dick 11:52 06 Apr 2006

I have just taken some photos at a friends wedding, and I am trying to digitally enhance them. I am trying to cut out a heart shape of the happy couple but can't seem to get my head round it. Is there any templates or downloads I can use for this or can anybody point me in the right direction as to achieve a "sloppy" result.



  iambeavis 12:21 06 Apr 2006

In the tools menu in Photoshop, click on "rectangle tool". At the bottom of the fly-out menu you will see "custom shape tool" - that has a heart shaped template which is accessed through the top toolbar.

  Dirty Dick 12:23 06 Apr 2006

Thanks, will have a go after lunch & let you know


  fazer 12:27 06 Apr 2006

Dirty Dick

There are many, many sites out there that you can try downloading a heart-shape frame from.

You could also consider doing it manually:

Open the image and place over a transparent background

make your selection free-hand (perhaps using the grid lines as a guide)

Invert the selection then press Alt-Return (to remove the selected pixels)Voila!

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