Photoshop 6 help

  Hetti 11:04 27 Feb 2005

When opening Photoshop today I got this message:

"You have Adobe Photoshop primary scratch and win primary paging fileon the same volume, It is recommened you set Photoshop primaryscatch volume on a different volume, preferably on a different physical drive"

How do I do as it suggest's,

Also and more alarming all my pictures have dissapeared, there are some Iconsfor adobe pictures but when i click on them it says no preview available.

Can anyone help?
I run WIN XP home

  Fellsider 11:16 27 Feb 2005

It looks like you may not have enough RAM.

Go to Help (in Ps6) and in search field enter 'primary scratch' it should give details.

  Hetti 11:23 27 Feb 2005


I have lots of free memory,new PC with 1400MB
I went to help in photoshop but there is no search field option there?

  Hetti 11:37 27 Feb 2005

I got that sorry i misunderstood!
I went to contents then I got Adobe help, but I need to make Javascript active in my browser how do I do that?

  Hetti 11:41 27 Feb 2005

I found that, but when I typed primary scratch I got "nothing was found"

  handy4x 11:55 27 Feb 2005

1. go to edit / preferances/plugins and scratch then you can adjust
2 you have to have more than 1 hard drive or partition hope this helps

  cycoze 12:10 27 Feb 2005

A scratch disk will be another physical hard drive this can be partitioned but is advisable to leave the scratch disk partition with no other data on it to optimise the effect it has.By having additional hard drives set as these, you speed up Photoshop's overall performance.

Have a look click here and click here .

If your viewing Photoshop help in explorer window you should see a warning bar under the top toolbar , if you click in there you have the option to allow java to run this will be followed by a popup warning box, thats taking it java is installed.

  Completealias 13:00 27 Feb 2005

The scratch file is a temporary directory that photoshop uses when working on pictures, in a way its like windows virtual memory. That is why u get the message because you have windows page file(virtual memory) and photoshops version of this on the same drive.

Unless you have another hard drive in your pc that you can point photoshops scratch file too or another partion on your drive then there isn't anything you can do to get round this prob.

I have the scratch file on the same drive as my windows page file and do not have any major problems apart from the fact that sometimes pictures are slow to load up

  Hetti 14:06 27 Feb 2005

Thanks guy's

I understand that, but if it will not cause any problems I will leave it as it is,can anyone explain why Im just getting this message now? i have had Photoshop for a few months

Also any Ideas where my photos can be?

  Camyaj 18:56 27 Feb 2005

I had this message appear after installing 7 (while still using 6) after I removed 6 the message went away.If 6 starts to slow up. Try holding Alt+ Shift+ Cntl as you start up 6 you will get a message asking if you want to delete settings say yes it might help. I had to do this regular till I got more memory and disc space.

  Fellsider 19:03 27 Feb 2005

I must admit, I am using Ps7 so obviously the help facility is different for Ps6.

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