kingussie 19:05 26 Jan 2008

i have been sent some photos that have been heavily photoshopped. is there any way of removing this to get back to near original..its quite important

  johnnyrocker 19:37 26 Jan 2008

more info please.


  MAT ALAN 19:39 26 Jan 2008

does the person who sent you the photos not have the originals....

  kingussie 19:55 26 Jan 2008

i am sure she does but it would not be politic to ask her to send the unphotoshopped ones !!!!

  MAT ALAN 20:04 26 Jan 2008

Then if they have been "heavily Photoshopped" as you say does she not want you to see the unedited ones.

i am confused here and at the moment i am reading the wrong messages about these photo's...

so i will ask, why can you not just ask for the original...

  Migwell 20:06 26 Jan 2008

No way that I know of. That is why You always make a copy, to wotk on as the photoshoped one is no longer an original and you can't go backwards once it has been saved, But if you have an un-altered one in the original state, you can start again and do all sorts of things over again and may be better than you did it the first time around.

The only way is to swallow your pride and ask if your friend has an un-altered version.

  kingussie 20:07 26 Jan 2008

nothing like that but without going into detail iw ould prefer to see them with the blemishes etc there but cant ask for the originals...I take it then its not possible

  MAT ALAN 20:10 26 Jan 2008

I think i get your drift, and if its "lets say" a case of misinformation i know what i would do...

  kingussie 20:21 26 Jan 2008

bl..dy photoshop !!

  eedcam 22:25 26 Jan 2008

Dont blame photoshop blame yourself for not having the Bottle to ask for the originals

  MAJ 22:50 26 Jan 2008

It depends what's been done to them in Photoshop and in what file format you received them, kingussie. If they are in jpeg format, for example, then there's not a lot you can do. If however they are in PSD format, you might be able to undo the changes that were made.

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