Photos to small

  alders 19:48 25 Feb 2009

My mum-in-law has a computer runing XP, when we send her a photo it comes out small and if we send the same photo to any one eles it comes the right size we have tryed not resizeing the photo (as a large photo) but it still comes out small on her computer. size is about 2by2ins also when she sends photo it dose the same, can anyone help

  Clapton is God 20:01 25 Feb 2009

Which application is she using to view the photos?

  alders 14:32 26 Feb 2009

she is useing web-mail through syk broadband but it also happen in outlook epress, we also tryed her yahoo-e-mail and it did the same still amall photos

  Quiet Life 14:46 26 Feb 2009

What is her screen resolution? If very high then low resolution photos will apear small.

  Terry Brown 15:08 26 Feb 2009

If she has Frontpage (Any version of Microsoft Office), Use Insert,picture, from File.
This will normally show as full size on the screen

  BT 16:34 26 Feb 2009

Ensure Automatic Image Resizing is enabled in Tools/ Internet Options/ Advanced

  alders 20:25 26 Feb 2009

bt. we looked at this and its ok i also found that this started when she left talktalk and join sky, and we try the office idaer but no luck photos still small

  tullie 20:27 26 Feb 2009

It wont be anything to do with Sky i wouldent think,theres something not quite right at yours or her end.

  feb 08:48 27 Feb 2009

Hi alders
When your mum-in-law sends the picture you have sent to her, back to you, is it the size that you sent it, or small?

  alders 14:49 27 Feb 2009

Feb yes when mum sends me the same photo it comes out small to me or any one eles

  feb 15:44 27 Feb 2009

Check the settings referred to on this page! click here

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