Photos to DVD

  Yimbo 20:49 30 Jan 2009

I'm doing my first slide show - holiday pics to burn on to a DVD - hopefully to play on my TV. I want to add titles, music background, transitions etc. My question is, how many pics can I reasonably expect to get on one disc? I'm using the Roxio Videowave programme, but there doesn't seem to be any indicator to warn when I've reached the disc capacity. I'd appreciate any tips re procedure.

  MAT ALAN 22:50 30 Jan 2009

click here

Think ya got plenty of room...

  eedcam 08:09 31 Jan 2009

That covers just sticking the photos in as a data dvd or cd .The OP wants a slide show which would use alot more with all thew trimming s and menus.Wimbo Rough guide would be the Length of the show 2 hours max will be fine as its stills you might even squeeze some more in .Any half decent editor will make it fit to disc

  jack 09:16 31 Jan 2009

My favourite is click here

You can use this free with minor restrictions[ No music loading for example] for 45 days if you like it
buy it for £15/20 or so

  Yimbo 12:30 31 Jan 2009

My thanks to you all! Your responses are very helpful - and appreciated!

  Yeldarb 13:36 31 Jan 2009

I don't think you can beat Photodex ProShow 4

  eedcam 16:13 31 Jan 2009

Dont buy a dedicated slide show programme Most off the video editors will do all you want then should you wish to video you got it.As you have not asked for reccomndations I'll leave that till you do

  Yimbo 15:36 05 Feb 2009

I'd appreciate your recommendations! I'm using Roxio EMC7 at the moment - but it gives me problems. I thought to upgrade to Roxio Ultimate 2009, hoping that all the problems would be resolved - but I see from other posts that it generates as many problems as my old EMC7. I quite liked the look of the programme Jack (above) seems to like! - but don't really know which, if any, to choose! So, yes, I'd like your opinion - with thanks!

  jack 16:09 05 Feb 2009

other attributes, therein lies its Achilles heel
Like so much software it tries to be all things, and stumbles on many.

Bloatware is another name for it.

PixPlay carries its own DVD burn routine so the need for any other as far as it is concerned is Zero.

If a need is felt for a stand alone DVD burn application then you need to download

click here XP Pro . com
which free and will do all you are likely to need.

  jack 16:11 05 Feb 2009

Try this
click here

  eedcam 16:21 05 Feb 2009

Yimbo there is nowt wrong with Jacks choice I'm only advising consider geting Magix or adobe premiere elemenys on the basis they will do all you need and have the benifit of being full blown video editors should you progress to that
Magix has more bells and whistles that you wil ever need and a good selection of menus .Do try before you buy to see how you and your pc get on with them Both also have a good user dedicated forum . Roxio say bno more

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