Photos onto DVD

  chriscross72 15:16 26 Jul 2004

I have a large quantity of photos to put onto disc, what is the best format to use when scanning these pics ? TIF, BITMAP or JPEG ? I will be using 'phototo2vcd' to transfer them to disc (can I use dvd's for this or does it have to be cd ? )
Thank You : ))

  jack 15:24 26 Jul 2004

TIFF and Bitmap are uncompressed files therefore of high quality and do not degrade.
However each file can be as much as 10Mb so you will got only 60 pix approx per disk - assuming it is a 600 Mb disk.

JPegs are about 2/3 Mb per image .
Which is fine as burned they stay as burned however if you import it into a computer and save such a file it saves an already compressed
file by compressing[loosing detail] some more ad naueum per saving.
So there you have it.

  pj123 15:33 26 Jul 2004

Have a look at this thread and see if it is any help. click here

  TomJerry 15:35 26 Jul 2004

(1) Tiff's best for quality, but size is too big (can be as big as 100MB scanned), I think jpeg at highest quality setting is good enough for most purpose. You can test out your self, scanned in tiff and convert to jpeg, print out both on good glossy photo paper, if you cannot see much different between them, then jpeg is good enough.

(2) There are two ways to put photo files to CD/DVD (better to use dvd if you have burning), each serve different purposes

(a) for backup and safe keeping purpose, just put photo files (in tiff or jpeg) on CD/DVD the same way as other types of files. Files on CD/DVD can be view on computer or some stand domestic DVD player (not all dvd players can do this and also slow).

(b) produce slides show in movie file format, bure to CD (VCD/SVCD format) or DVD and then you can play them the same way as stand DVD movies, see another thread on this click here

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