Photos from Digital Camers too large

  hawthorn59 17:58 01 Jul 2008

Hope this fits in this forum! Im trying to catalogue/organize my photos on the laptop. Im transferring them from my digital camera to the laptop. However I notice most of them are over 1mb in size, and they are JPEG. Is this very big for a photo?

I have other ones only 85kb-150kb and they are also JPG. They were taken on an earlier camera. Is it the camear settings? And is there any way of reducing them in size now?



  PO79 18:11 01 Jul 2008

DownloadPixresizer, a freeware app from click here and resizes yout pics. The setting for reducing the pic size will be in the camera settings menu.

  Arnie 18:22 01 Jul 2008

Use this free program from Microsoft, or read the camera’s manual. There will be specific instructions to set the memory that is used for each shot.

click here

Incidentally, most people want the best quality shots that the camera is capable of producing. Afterwards the pictures can be reduced as required.

  chub_tor 18:24 01 Jul 2008

1Mb is not big for a picture file if you want to print it out but it may be considered large by someone receiving it by email if they are on dial up. It really is a question of what you want to do with the file. You can resize them at the same resolution you have now, you can compress them further but why don't you play around with them, changing and compressing them etc while keeping the original and look at what the effects of the changes are first. Then you can decide what size you would like to have your picture files plus you will have learned about the effects of resizing and compression on a photo.

  eedcam 18:25 01 Jul 2008

You need them that size till you decide what you want to do with them If you just blanket reduce they will be no use should you decide to try and print a decent size .Dont forget Jpeg is a lossy format

  peter99co 19:52 01 Jul 2008

If you do a small crop round the edge of a photograph you will find the file size reduces quite a lot but you do not lose any of the subject if you make a sensible assesment of the picture. You will be quite suprised how the size reduces. (take a copy to check 1st) Delete which ever you don't want.

Sometimes a crop across the foreground or sky is enough.

  peter99co 20:00 01 Jul 2008

Check your camera menu/manual to see what quality and size you have set and if you like reduce the quality. If you go to low though you will find it difficult to crop much before the pixels start to show. High quality will produce larger file sizes. Most of my own JPEGS are 1.8 meg. I have begun to keep my files on external HDD to keep the PC free. Important photographs are kept in two locations. It is not always possible to repeat a special shot. Burning to DVD/CD is a way of preserving your work.

  hssutton 20:24 01 Jul 2008

Atypical jpeg image from my camera is 6mb, so no your file size is not on the large size.

unless camera memory is in short supply you should always shoot at the highest resolution, ther may be times when you need a large print.

if you're lacking in editing software then consider downloading photofiltre, it's freeware and very good.
click here

  hawthorn59 20:56 01 Jul 2008

Thanks everyone; good suggestions! I guess i should keep the good quality till i see what Im doing with them. Probably just keeping them on pc.



  grey george 21:09 01 Jul 2008

If you use some thing like Picasa (free from google) click here
to organise and view the various sizes will make no difference. Even small files from phone cameras look good on a pc screen as said above it's when you zoom in or blow up the images that you notice the lack of quality.

  peter99co 21:15 01 Jul 2008

Keep looking for the Money Shot and hope that you have set the camera to a high enough quality to do it justice.

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