Photos to CD - Capacity?

  BazzaTheH 20:01 21 Mar 2004

New digital camera owner. Want to backup photos to CD.
I've compared my photo's to those that are done professionally (Truprint).
Professional CD files are average 600kb, mine are also 600kb. Properties of the CD say size is 103mb, it contains 120 of these photos at this resolution, plus the same photos again at lower resolution in another folder, plus viewer etc .exe files.
I thought that a cd had a capacity of around 7.5mb, so I'll only be able to get around 15 photo's on a cd. What have I got wrong?
How do I save a lot of photo's on one CD in a conventional jpeg format without losing resolution?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:03 21 Mar 2004

CDs can hold around 600/650Mb and should hold about 1000 ish pics at 600kb.


  paddyjack 20:05 21 Mar 2004

I have managed to get somewhere in the region of 1000 pics on a CD and I wont complain at the quality print out at a4 size fine.

  BazzaTheH 20:11 21 Mar 2004

Guess it's my maths at fault! I never have managed to get a grip on how to convert kb to mb etc. It's all those noughts! Thanks for your help though.

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