Photos to CD

  GBL 23:05 04 Feb 2003

I am using XP pro and Nero 5.5.
How do I transfer my photos from Digital camera etc which I have on my HD as JPG files onto CD.

I have tried but Nero changed them to DAT files and I cannot access them.

I did it before on my old machine using Easy CD creator, this is not compatable with my newer PC.

It must be easy if you know how.

  Switcher 23:12 04 Feb 2003

Don't know why Nero would change JPG files to DAT files. I use nero for same purpose and they are copied to CD as JPGs. I use WIN98se but can't see that would make any difference.

Have you tried XPs built in CD burn program I have used it on a friend's PC and it worked very well.

  GBL 23:14 04 Feb 2003

My last was on win98se which was fine also.

No to the XP version, how do I locate the program??

  ericmax 23:29 04 Feb 2003

not sure about xp pro but in xp home i just right click the file in my pictures go down to send to and
click on cd/rw an icon will appear in your taskbar
saying files ready to be written to cd click on this
a window will open up showing the files then just click on write these files, just make sure you have a cd in your drive before you begin

  Worf100 23:42 04 Feb 2003

ericmax's idea looks OK to me but I simply drag and drop into my CD-RW. I have a shortcut of all my drives on the desktop so I can open up the file which contain my data and drag it over the CD-RW shortcut, works in 98SE and XP Home.

  MAJ 00:02 05 Feb 2003

If you want to save them for storage just, choose the Data CD option and drag and drop them in the Nero interface. If you want to make a Photo CD so that you can view them on your TV via a DVD player, choose the VCD option in Nero. There is a step by step guide in the Nero help files.

  MichelleC 07:39 05 Feb 2003

...or there is an option in Easy which defaults at end of burn to either only read with Easy or with other software.

  GBL 20:04 05 Feb 2003

My version of Nero is
I tried the VCD option in that, it was there where it changed the format for some reason.

If I put an blank CD in the Writer it fails to recognise it.

I will try the suggestions given and see what happens.

I do want to view the photos on mine and other PC's.

Not sure what you mean by Easy, MichelleC. If you mean Easy CD Creator, then I can't install that on XP, but did use it on my old PC and have found that I cannot view them now. Wiered.

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