photo,s on cd

  bic biro 10:36 21 Apr 2007

i have some photos stored on few cd,s i done about a year ago,when i went to use them today the cd,s according to explorer are blank?it is a different writer i have installed now as to when i done the photos but surely it should still read them ok,i always had pioneer cd drives from the 109 upto the present one,any ideas how i can get to read them,the photos where only saved to disk its not a slideshow or anything like that done by a program

  paulgeaf 11:12 21 Apr 2007

Hmm. You do have a problem. I had a similar thing happen to me and luckily, after I bought a new drive the discs were readable again. It was a Pioneer that wouldn't read them and that had burned them too. the NEC/SONY one I have now reads them.
Anyway that doesn't help.
I would normally be able to recommend one or two programs that would get the data for you but, having the problem that the discs are not even showing up as containing anything at all is going to be the thing that makes just about every windows program fail nomatter what they claim about recovering files from discs that are damaged. Believe me, I tried!
So I can only think of one thing really. Just incase it is a windows specific symptom, ie. the discs are not recognised in explorer but might be under a different environment,
I would suggest you try accessing the drive with something else. There are some linux programs that can be run directly from a boot disk and work as file explorers etc where you can access files, copy, delete etc just like in windows, or more like in DOS.
Offhand I can think of one called volkov Commander as I remember using it a while back for something similar but there are lots more options I am sure.

....gogle searches later...
I found the exact thing I used myself..
go here
click here
and downkload the PRO version.
Then you need to burn this to a disc ok.
Then you boot the PC with the disc in place, making sure you changhed the PC bios settings to allow to boot from the Disc Drive first, then it is all pretty simple from there. the progream starts and asks you what you want to run. try out a few of the utilities on it and see if any of them can do what you want.
By the way, if you only have the one disc drive, as the program runs and loads each utility from the disc as needed, make sure to start the utility you want to try first and when it is running, then eject the disc and put in your dodgy photos disc.
Best of luck mate!

Oh if you want to read more info about the Emergency boot disc check the main page here
click here

  mocha 11:20 21 Apr 2007

Depends on what software you used to burn your images onto the CD. It may require that the CD be closed. ie. no further burning to that CD. Before Windows can see the files.

  mocha 11:32 21 Apr 2007

Use the original software you used to write the files to disk, to see if you can see the files first, back them up if you can see them, then close the Disk.

  MAJ 12:29 21 Apr 2007

If it's a CDRW that the pictures are saved on, rather than a CDR, then you might, in the past, have formatted the CDRW with some packet-writing software like Ahead's (Nero's) INCD, in which case you might need that same software installed on your PC to be able to read the CDRW.

  rodriguez 12:38 21 Apr 2007

Sometimes the recording ink of CDs can fade after a few years, especially if left in places where there's sunlight. I had some before and they faded and came up as blank and they even went through the recording process again - but nothing could be written to them.

  stylehurst 14:02 21 Apr 2007

Try a program called Isobuster, the free download will tell you whether it can read the CD, but you will have to use the paid version to recover your files, it is not that expensive

  moorie- 14:03 21 Apr 2007

latest isobuster
click here

  bic biro 16:48 21 Apr 2007

that program is the same as norton commander that i used many years ago,which there is a windows version if anyones interested,anyway theres nothing let u access a cd drive only hard drives and floppys,however strange thing is after running it and messing with the programs i can now read whats on the disc although windows says its still blank,maybe something to do with the cd drivers it loads at startup,i dont know,also had a look at the disc in Nero Info Tool,which by the way,Mocha and Maj,was nero i was using at time of saving them,and it tells me the disk is not finalised,maybe a combination of both now it reads although not correctly but enough for me to get them off disc to hdd which will do for now,ps iso buster reads the disc although it takes it time and says there is 4 sessions all the same inside,many thanks for all comments a bit of each has helped,the more brains the better i say

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