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  podlod 09:21 31 Oct 2005

Hi, Firstly I would like to know where all my past postings have gone?
The problem I have is that when I download photos from my camera onto my PC, is it possible to print just a certain area of the photo only and leave the rest out, or blow up a certain area which I know one can do but is it possible to print just the blown up area on my photo paper,

  PaulB2005 09:23 31 Oct 2005

Did you get any software with the camera? Usually you get one or two programs capable of doing this.

  recap 09:24 31 Oct 2005

You would have to use photo editing software to copy the area on to another frame to print off.

  Hamish 09:30 31 Oct 2005

Try this program, its free and have fun click here

  Hamish 09:42 31 Oct 2005

Also type free photo editing software into Google.

Another good program is click here There are many more which will do the job

  anchor 10:06 31 Oct 2005

I do this easily with Paint Shop Pro. Other programmes will also do it, but Paint Shop Pro is my favourite.

  jack 10:15 31 Oct 2005

As stated you need a photo editor And those free ones are good starter,
If you have a scanner then, the free 'get you started' software that came with it such as Photoshop Element will do it.
In general terms here is what you do.
In the program open the picture
In the tool bar you will see the 'Crop' tool
click on it and a frame will apear on the image.
grab a corner and drag it out to cover part of the image by clicking in the centre of the highlighted area and dragging you will be able to position the frame to the exact portion of the image.
By grabbing a corner and pushing and pulling the area can be increased or decreased as approriate
When satisfied double click the centre and the cropped portion will be on screen.
This next bit is very important.
Go to file and click on SAVE AS you will then give the new image a name that is different from the original- then click save- This name can be anything you like I personally retain the original number and add a letter - 123456a.jpg for example
This will retain the original image for further editing if you wind up not liking what you have done to 'a'

  Bagsey 13:31 31 Oct 2005

Get a free copy of irfanview and you can do what you want as well as correct poorish photos. Try this site click here

  podlod 10:35 03 Nov 2005

Hi, As usual a fantastic response on the info I wanted, and have to decide which idea to choose first, thanks again to everybody who responded, Bryan

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