photos are multiplying help

  joe123 18:40 26 Jul 2003

i had some photos put on cd at max spielmann, i dont know whats happened but as i tried to remove them from my documents they keep multiplying and i cant get rid of them, i have run avg and it says no virus found, i dont know how to remove them, please help, thankyou joe

  mistagf 19:28 26 Jul 2003

When you say - "multiplying" - do you mean that there are copies of the originals appearing in the folder?

  joe123 19:59 26 Jul 2003

yes, it was a aps of 25 frames i put them on my computer to make a copy, but when i came to delete them the my documents folder kept filling up , as fast as i deleted the they came joe

  Ken Ju-On 20:03 26 Jul 2003

Oooh... sound like maliciousness to me.

My guess is, either a bug in the program or indeed something more malicious like a virus.

A regularly updated Norton AntiVirus 2003 can do wonders for you. :)

  joe123 20:10 26 Jul 2003

ok Ken ju on i will try it, it isnt going to ruin mypc is it ? thankyou very much joe

  jakedawe 21:20 26 Jul 2003

This might be a long shot, try creating a new folder - call it what you like - then drag and drop all your pictures from My Documents into this folder, then delete this folder.

  mistagf 21:27 26 Jul 2003

joe - sounds as if you have an oversensitive rodent or an itchy mouse finger :-)

Try this:

Open your folder and using your keyboard do the following:

1. Type ctrl+A [together] This will "select all".

2. Hit the delete key.

3. Confirm OK by hitting the enter key.

This should delete all items in the folder to the recycle bin.

You can then import the originals from CD as and when you need them.

  Gaz 25 21:31 26 Jul 2003
  recap 21:32 26 Jul 2003

Check the CD for any viruses.

  britto 21:58 26 Jul 2003

How are you deleting the files, by selecting one then holding crtl and selecting others?,I can get the same problem sometimes if i select more than about 5 files,Using select all / delete is ok and deleting a folder is ok,this maybe just a bug nothing to worry suggested create a new folder drag those you don't want to it then delete the folder.

  Gaz 25 22:08 26 Jul 2003

Check the CD for any viruses.

Yes! Put the disk in the drive and on Trendmicros scan select: My computer and make sure all ticks on drives are show, this will scan your whole PC.

You could also run active scan from pandas site: click here

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