Simsy 15:45 21 Nov 2006

This is really for the reviewing staff, but I'm posting here to highlight it for the benefit of other readers who might otherwise miss it...

In the review comparing Adobe PhotoshopElements with Ulead PhotoImpact, ( click here ), there is mention at the end that, "until the end of January, PhotoImpact is available for a special price of just £30"

Where from? I's not the case on the Ulead website.



  anchor 15:49 21 Nov 2006


If you look again at the review, you will see it is dated November 14, 2005; a year ago. The offer ended in January of this year.

  Simsy 16:06 21 Nov 2006

but in fact that must be a typo... It's linked to;

click here

Which has this year in the date, and the same comment at the bottom... and I got to it in the first place from the current home page!

(Brownie points for spotting that though!)



  anchor 17:02 21 Nov 2006

Very odd!. The same review with two different dates on two different PCA pages.

Perhaps Ursula Seymour might like to comment, and more importantly, inform Simsy how to obtain the special price PhotoImpact.

  Pineman100 18:09 21 Nov 2006

PhotoImpact XL was free on the DVD cover disk on the July 2006 issue of PC Advisor.

  BRYNIT 18:31 21 Nov 2006

It could be an error. Photo Impact 12 is priced at £49.99 + Free InterVideo MediaOne gallery the upgrade is Priced at £29.99 click here If you want the

  Simsy 22:26 21 Nov 2006

before making the post that started this thread I did a search on Amazon, in the "Software" section, for "PhotoImpact"... It came up with various results, but the most recent version was 11.

I subsequently did a search on Google, and one of the links was to, showing version 12 at £21.97...

So it's available for well under £30

But it's strange the results from Amazon... search in all of Amazon and version 12 shows up... but search in software, (where it is), and it doesn't!!

And there's also inconsistancy over the spelling, whioch doesn't help... on the Amazon site they use both "PhotoImpact" and "Photo Impact".

If Ursula, the reviewer, gets to see this, I'd still be curious as to the source she quotes, especially the price being until the end of January. It's not mentioned on Amazon, for example.



  Forum Editor 23:20 21 Nov 2006

is available (boxed) for £29.99 from the Ulead UK site, or for £24.99 as a download.

click here

  Simsy 09:47 22 Nov 2006

I'm not going to persue this further, as the Amazon price takes some beating anyway...

I had seen that, but surely the upgrade price wasn't being referred to in the comparison? That wouldn't be fair would it?

I was really just curious as to who was making the offer, with the deadline.

I'll tick this now!



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