Photographs printing to dark!

  Migwell 00:56 25 Dec 2008

I am using a HP Photosmart D7360 printer to print photographs, I am using a Huey colour calibration monitor which looks fine on the monitor. The prog I use for editing my Photographs is Adobe Elements 5. In the past I had good results but just now I can't seem to get a reasonable photo print. I have even gone into the printer properties and manualy set the lightness to the lightest it will go without any inprovement.

I am starting to blame the printer but cant prove one way or another that it is in fact the printer.

The huey will lighten the picture on the monitor but the photographs dont match the monitor as they should, has any one got any Ideas before the printer goes through the window amd in the bin.

PS another thought, I am using a Diafire constant ink suply but I have been happy untill recent. Could it be at fault all of a sudden?

Any help would make my Christmas go a lot better.
Thanks Migwell

  rdave13 01:11 25 Dec 2008

Try printing the photos without using Adobe Elements 5.
Try using a freebie such as; click here .
Make sure that Adobe isn't the default editing program.

  carver 09:30 25 Dec 2008

It sounds as if one of the inks is letting too much ink through, if the prints are alright apart from the colour then this could be the problem.

The only way to sort this out without resorting to binning the printer is to buy a set of cartridges and fit them in place of that system you have, I know from past experience that if one of the inks is allowing too much ink through then it doesn't matter how much you mess with the settings the prints will not come out the colour you want it to be.

Hope this helps.

  Toneman 09:43 25 Dec 2008

Is your paper setting correct? This could affect the amount of ink used.

  woodchip 09:58 25 Dec 2008

In Display Options try setting Gamma to about 1.1 or 1.0. Also when you click on Print checkout the Properties for Printer Advanced you should be able to brighten the Photo in there

  iambeavis 10:04 25 Dec 2008

Are you "double frofiling" the print.

You should allow either your software, "Elements 5", or your printer to handle the printing but not both. If one or other is not disabed they will both apply conflicting profiles to the print.

  iambeavis 11:04 25 Dec 2008

It's also possible that your monitor is calibrated too bright,try reducing the brightness a bit - I have my brightness set at 5% and I get a perfect monitor/print match.

  iambeavis 11:07 25 Dec 2008

A different printer but you may find something in here - click here

  Migwell 05:23 28 Dec 2008

With the paper I use it said to use HP Premium Plus Photo paper as the setting. I am setting the photosmart colour corection to off and using the Huey profile.

And it still comes out darker than on the monitor, the Huey has been updated and re set.

Thanks so far.

I hope you all had a good Christmas.

  100andthirty 08:10 28 Dec 2008

If it were me, I'd try printing a picture directly from the camera with as little interference as possible.

do you find that you have to change the brightness/contrast in photos when you look at them in photoshop in order to get something that looks right?

I'd also try getting your monitor and printer to their default settings; try a print in those circumstances. Is it better?

whenever I've tried to be clever over calibration, the results have been worse than the default!

  iambeavis 11:31 28 Dec 2008

If the colours and everything else is ok,then the chances are that your monitor is set too bright. You need to reduce the brightness, using the monitor controls, as I don't believe the Huey does it for you.

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