Photographs onto a LCD TV

  Migwell 03:37 23 Apr 2007

I want to display Photographs on a Sony LCD TV. I connect my camera through the Yellow White and Red sockets on the side of the TV at the moment and that is ok while the photographs are on the XD card in the camera. Once the card is wiped You have to use the DVD Player and that is also OK, after you make a backup of the photographs on a CD and that is OK Until you only want a few of a holiday instead of the 200 I take which will bore the pants of some people. How about a connection for my USB pen drive, has anyone seen a way of doing this other than having to buy a lap top which is not practical? Is there any way of connecting the USB to the TV which I feel will be an ideal solution. As one would only need to copy the photographs you wanted to show at the time onto it, in the order you wanted them to be seen by re-numbering them. Then connecting it into an adaptor plugged into one of the input sockets on the TV Either the phono sockets the HDI socket or even the 15 Pin D socket on the back.

Any help with suggestions please. I feel sure that there must be a marketing opportunity for some one to make a device for this.

  Migwell 09:30 23 Apr 2007

Has no one, any ideas please.

  ^wave^ 09:37 23 Apr 2007

get a rewiteable cd and and just import the pics you want to see

  Migwell 10:02 23 Apr 2007

Not a bad Idea I know, but would still like to go down the USB way if I can.

I must admit I hadn't thought of CDRW

  pj123 12:10 23 Apr 2007

I would be inclined to use a slide show program and make a few different slide shows using variable amounts of pictures. Give them names (slide show 1, slide show 2, ss3, etc)

Burn them all to one CD separately (in multisession mode) and then just pick the slide show you want to show.

If you have Nero you can make slide shows from there.

  Quiet Life 14:22 23 Apr 2007

I recently purchased a large LCD TV. I would have preferred one with card reader and USB but as it had not got these features I purchased an HDMI DVD player which had entries for memory cards and USB. On a 2gb USB flash memory you can store an awful lot of photos in separate folders and you can have a slide show of any selected folders.
I purchased the Sigmatex Pro at click here and am very pleased with the performance.

  Stuartli 15:09 23 Apr 2007

Don't use CD-RWs for such work - their lack of reflectivity compared to a CD-R means that many drives may have problems reading them.

As pj123 points out, using a CD-R (preferably with a backup one as well) in multisession mode means you can get a large number of files on before it is full.

Do ensure that you Save each multisession mode after burning, otherwise you will find you may not be able to read some of the files.

  Migwell 18:27 23 Apr 2007

With a Fuji S9500 set to fine you get a picture file size of aprox 4.5mb.
On my last trip, 3 days in Belfast I returned with 259 pictures making up a set of pictures that require about 1.9 Gig. So you can see where I came to thinking of pen drives which can be bought upto 4Gig.
Two or 3 of those and I am set to show various shows, but I still need to get the pictures onto the TV. That is where I am comeing from.

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