March Wind 17:55 11 Feb 2011

Could you tell me how do I put a photo on my desk top without it being strethed to fit the page please

  GaT7 18:29 11 Feb 2011

Right-click Desktop > Properties > Desktop tab > select 'Center' under Position > click on Apply. G

  GaT7 18:32 11 Feb 2011

It'll only work if the photo's resolution is LOWER than your screen's resolution.

If not, then you'll need to edit the photo to reduce its size. Let us know if you need to know how. G

  March Wind 20:30 11 Feb 2011

I am using Windows7. I cannot see Properties only
Graphics Properties

  GaT7 20:50 11 Feb 2011

Ah right, then click here & scroll lower down to:

"3. Under Picture position, click the arrow and choose whether to crop the picture to fill the screen, fit the picture to the screen, stretch the picture to fit the screen, tile the picture, or center the picture on the screen, and then click Save changes."

I wish there was a compulsory OS field on this forum that one had to fill in before posting a fresh thread! G

  March Wind 22:39 11 Feb 2011

I do not want the picture to get wide to fit the screen I want the original size pic so why would I want to crop the pic? What does SO mean?

  GaT7 09:37 12 Feb 2011

Then you need to 'Center' it. Didn't you try them all: Crop, Fit, Stretch, Tile & Center? They are easy enough to reverse if they don't suit your needs.

You mean OS? It stands for 'operating system' - i.e. XP / Vista / Win7 / similar. Many don't include this & expect us to have an educated guess it would appear ;-), G

  March Wind 19:54 12 Feb 2011

Windows 7. I click on Start-Control Panel. Under Appearance and Personalization, I click on Change Desktop background. I click on all stretch fit to pg all of them but nothing changes all my pictures are stretched to fit the pg.

  GaT7 20:06 12 Feb 2011

"I click on all stretch fit to pg all of them..."

You need to CENTER it (as mentioned twice before!). A screenshot for better understanding click here.

If it doesn't work (i.e. still fills the screen), you'll need to resize the photo to make it smaller than your monitor's resolution (also mentioned before). G

  GaT7 20:15 12 Feb 2011

Sorry, I deleted the screenshot by mistake, but I uploaded another click here. G

  March Wind 21:11 12 Feb 2011

I had tried all of them, This also meant centering the picture. I have tried a pic 50x50, can't get smaller than that and it is still stretched to fit the screen. so I don't think it works

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