PhotoDeLuxe. Scratch disc

  harlow 10:11 21 Jun 2005

Pentium 111. 730MHz. 512mb RAM
XP Home + SP2.

When running Adobe PhotDeLuxe I scanned a photo at 600 pixels. The resulting file was 17.5 mb.
When I tried to print 4 pictures onto A4 at best settings I received "Your action failed because the scratch disc is full. You should have at least 40mb free space on your hard drive".

The scratch disc primary is set to 'startup' and the secondary is set to C:\. There is 27GB free on my C drive and the setting is to use 100%.
The available memory is shown as 473412K. How do I get to use the whole of the memory available?

  harlow 09:05 22 Jun 2005

Reference the message I posted yesterday and the lack of response. I am computer illiterate and am concerned that I have not described the problem in the correct detail. If so, I would be grateful if anyone could put me right. Thanks.

  ventanas 09:19 22 Jun 2005

It appears that you may have both the primary and secondary scratch disc on the same drive as "C" is probably your startup. I would change this for a start and get rid of the secondary if you have no other internal drive or partition. Do not use an external drive for the scratch disc. Also PhotoDeluxe is now an ageing program and I wonder if it "understands" fully the way XP treats virtual memory. Your file is quite large. You could try juggling the VM settings within Windows. Right click My Computer/Properties/Advanced tab and click the settings button under Performance. Again choose the advanced tab and click Change under Virtual Memory at the bottom. It may be set to a custom size that is too small. If it is choose the option for a system managed size to start with. If that doesn't work we can think again.

As an example this machine has 512mb ram and has a custom setting of Initial 768mb. Maximum 1536mb. Double the initial.

  ventanas 09:31 22 Jun 2005

Just had another thought. In Photoshop you can choose to monitor various processes while you are working, such as memory usage, scratch disc usage and others, from a list that appears by clicking a button at the bottom left of the main window. I don't know Photodeluxe affords this same luxury as I've never used it, but it might help you if it does. Have a look in the help files or manual.

  eedcam 19:08 22 Jun 2005

As ventanas says Use start up in the first box nd 'None' in the others.Also its not what you have available on your hard disc that the memory and image cache settings ask for. Its available Ram it needs to know, try 50%

  harlow 16:48 23 Jun 2005

I have tried all your suggestions including the adobe web site which is way over my head. I suspect that the original reply from Ventanas was to the point to say that photodeluxe is an ageing program, scanning in less pixels works ok.
Maybe I should bite the bullet and go for 'elements'. this could be a bit dodgy as I don't have the latest machinery.

Thank you for the help.

  ventanas 17:02 23 Jun 2005

You might get away with it. Adone state an 800mghz processor and 800mb hard disc space with 256mb ram. Why not download a demo and see how it works.

Its on this page towards the bottom click here but is a hefty 228mb download.

  woodchip 17:45 23 Jun 2005

If You reduce the Photo to 2Mb it’s more than big enough to print a good A4 picture. and it will remove your problem

  €dstowe 18:36 23 Jun 2005

Photodeluxe has been discontinued for several years now. Ostensibly it was to enable Adobe to concentrate on Photoshop. Most likely it was ended because they couldn't get it to work satisfactorily with XP. OK, it works but not as it should, as you are finding out.

It wasn't a very good program right from the start and I think you might be better using a graphics/photo program which is current like Photoshop (elements), Paintshop Pro and the like.

  Sans le Sou 21:45 23 Jun 2005

I have photodeluxe and my secondary is set to none and primary is startup, it works just fine with Xp. and in my opinion it has the easist clone tool of all.

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