Photobucket upload and display problems

  MrDonaldson 12:16 13 Mar 2015

I have my own website and I use Photobucket to host my pictures. I have a page which displays about 100 small pictures of size 100x75. When I view the image info in my browser of any of these small pictures, each has a file size of around 40kb each. The actual size of the each picture stored on Photobucket is 1024x768 with file size of about 400kb. What Photobucket seems to do, as far as I understand, is link a smaller version of each picture to my website so instead of my webpage downloading all one hundred full size 400kb pictures, it downloads one hundred 40kb pictures, making the page load much faster. Photobucket has always done this for me over the years and I am very happy with it.

A couple of days ago, I uploaded some new pictures for my website onto Photobucket. The pictures had the same resolution and file size as my others. When going to view my website to see how the pictures were displaying, the new pictures very quite slow to load. On checking their image info in my browser, I saw that the although each image was being scaled to 100x75, each had a file size of 400kb so each full size image was being downloaded.

This is only affecting the new photos I uploaded. All my older pictures are still loading fast with the smaller size. I have not changed any of the Photobucket upload settings as far as I know. I have tried viewing my website in different browsers but I just get the same results. I am not sure if Photobucket has made any changes to their site recently? It is odd it is just effecting recently uploaded pictures and not the older ones?

I also use a different Photobucket account to host pictures for Ebay items. On checking Ebay, all recently uploaded pictures are also displaying with the full file size even though they are scaled too.

Has anybody got any idea what is wrong and how I can fix it? I hope I have explained this clearly!

  Daisy_Michael 12:54 13 Mar 2015

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For me it's more likely the upload settings, causing the issues.

Thank you,

  MrDonaldson 13:05 13 Mar 2015

Thanks for replying so quickly. I have had a look at these settings in both of my Photobucket accounts and I can't see anything wrong. In "upload options", I have the photo size set to 800x600, but I have always had it at this setting with no problems up until the last few days. Photobucket just seemed to know when a photo was scaled down and would link a smaller version of a picture automatically.

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