Photo slide shows - to dvd

  georgemac 06:38 16 Apr 2004

I want to be able to put all my digital images on dvd, but also to create a menu on the dvd so you can jump to individual folders, so the album can be organised. There are 1055 images. The idea is to view the images on the TV via the dvd player (dvd or cd - both available)

I tried nero yesterday but it comes up with an error message - the maximun number of audio entries is 99?

The number of software packages for photo manipulation seems endless - I really have not started retouching photos yet - but really only want to do the album just now, if possible.

  stlucia 09:42 16 Apr 2004

I thought I'd read in previous posts (can't find them) that you can have 99 chapters each with 99 slides. Are you trying to drag the slides across before creating chapters? Maybe you need to create new chapters first and then place the slides into them.

I use Roxio and Sonic, so can't be more specific. But at least this will get your post back to the top.

  georgemac 15:53 16 Apr 2004


  GroupFC 16:05 16 Apr 2004

Have a look at this thread click here where you might some useful stuff!

  georgemac 16:55 16 Apr 2004

thanks, the HP memories looks good but 33 mb download so not until I get broadband - have bookmarked it.

The nightwatch software I will try for now, 4 mb download.

The proshow gold I had found myself, but as you know I have just bust the bank with a new camera and associated goodies so it will have to wait!

  pj123 17:15 16 Apr 2004

I can put HP Memories on a CD for you if you like and post it to you. email me if you want it.

  georgemac 19:15 16 Apr 2004

tried nightwatch and the slideshow looks fantastic on the computer - if I had a laptop I'd be laughing! However I exported the slideshow to anavi file and encoded it with nero but a lot of the quality was lost and it looked pretty dismal when played on the dvd player to the widescreen TV.

pj123, if I don't get a chance to do the 33 MB download this weekend, I will take you up on your kind offer - mid July when we get broadband can't come soon enough!

  pj123 19:49 16 Apr 2004

Yes you are right, I did a slide show using "Slideshow To Go" and the playback on TV was awful. I normally use Ulead DVD Pictureshow and the quality is good. But with Ulead you are restricted to 99 slides in each show but you can have up to 99 shows on one CD. (Up to 1900 slides on one CD) Haven't done that many yet but have a CD with 6 shows on with menu's. Pick the show you want press play and off you go.

OK if you want me to post you out the CD with HP Memories just email me your address and it will be on it's way.

  pj123 19:53 16 Apr 2004

Ulead DVD Pictureshow 2 £29 click here

  johnnyrocker 19:56 16 Apr 2004

click here free


  caast©? 20:08 16 Apr 2004

I like pj123 suggest ULead I have done lots of DVD's using this program. Nice any easy to use and you can create Menus for different shows.

Only downside is restricted to 99 images

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