photo slide scanner

  iqs 18:54 07 May 2009


Can anyone recommend a photo slide scanner please?.
I have seen various models on Amazon and Maplins,but the comments were a little off putting.

Thanks you

  eedcam 19:08 07 May 2009

Dont know about those ones but my Epson all in one produces excellent results and its pretty ancient now

  Woolwell 19:55 07 May 2009

I think that an Epson flat bed with transparency adaptor will be a very good solution click here

  Stuartli 19:59 07 May 2009

The FE had a similar query a while back - perhaps he may remember which model he acquired on behalf of a friend or client?

  iqs 21:03 07 May 2009

Hi and thanks for the help.

I already have an expensive scanner,so I would sooner just buy a recommended slide scanner,but if the Epson scanner turns out to be the best option then so be it.

Will wait and see what model the FE acquired


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