Photo scans at too high resolution

  Smudge 16:54 16 May 2005

I have scanned some photos but now realise that I have used too high a resolution on my scanner. This has produced scans of 100mb+ for each photo and I cannot edit them with paint shop pro. Is there anyway of reducing the file size without re-scanning at lower resolutions.

  pj123 17:07 16 May 2005

In Paint Shop Pro go to Image, Resize, and change the Resolution there. 300 is a good res for photos. You didn't say what resolution you scanned them at?

  Smudge 17:15 16 May 2005

PJ123 I have tried this on one photo which is 182 Mb but it has not reduced the file size. I originally scanned the photo on an epson 4870 scanner at 2400 dpi on 48 colour bit.

  hssutton 17:35 16 May 2005

pj123 is quite correct, but I would suggest a max of 240 PPI, but if for PC viewing only, drop down to 72PPI.

As an example a file of 1000PPI (288.8Mp) on my PC reduced to 240 PPI comes out at 16.6Mp.

  TomJerry 18:04 16 May 2005

if you scan program cannot do it, you can use IrfanView (free) do do the conversion click here

photo file without compression is very very large

  Smudge 18:05 16 May 2005

Maybe I am doing something wrong but I have tried all three resolution changes and the file still gives its properties as 182Mb. The files were saved as BMP's, would that make a difference.

  colberly 18:31 16 May 2005

Open them and save them as JPEG, then if need be you can resize.

  hssutton 18:40 16 May 2005

Smudge it makes no difference whether the file format is Tiff Jpg or BMPs. Are you sure you're adjusting the Pixels Per Inch PPI? and then resaving the image?.

I don't have PSP as I use PS, but in PS I would go to "Image">>"Image Size", then adjust the PPI to 240.
Just as a matter of interest where are you getting the "DPI" from, or did you mean PPI?

  Smudge 18:49 16 May 2005

Yes I am adjusting the ppi down to 240 and 72ppi and re-saving with a different file name but it makes no difference to the saved BMP file size.

  Smudge 18:51 16 May 2005

Colberly I am aware that if I save them as jpeg files they loose some quality each time I save them. I wanted to have a good quality first image, adjust it with psp and the save finally as a jpeg but I think I might have overdone it on the scanner adjustments.

  hssutton 19:11 16 May 2005

Smudge, open one of the reduced PPI files and under Image, recheck the PPI size. A reduction in PPI must mean a reduction in file size, you can also reduce the file size be reducing the document size, or indeed a combination of both.

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