photo retouching software advice

  Smokeyone 12:05 20 Feb 2007


Any suggestions please for picture retouching software. I am usuing paint shop pro 7 at the moment but wondered about more recent software.
Had a look at google picture software called picasa which says it can make a grey sky look good and also at something called wire pilot which can take out telephone wires and vertical poles etc

Thanks very much

  bennyhillslovechild 12:24 20 Feb 2007

I use Photoshop CS2, but that's rather expensive at just under £500 on Amazon. There's photoshop Elements, which is a cut down version for around £70, or a free program called The Gimp, which offers a lot of functionality in image editing and doesn't cost a bean.

  silverous 12:37 20 Feb 2007

Picasa is good but if you are used to paint shop pro you might find it a bit limiting. Photoshop Elements or the Gimp might be best for you....or the latest version of Paint shop? You don't say why you want the latest there something you are missing out on?

  eedcam 12:45 20 Feb 2007

Paint shop pro 7 is perfectly capable of doing those tasks Smokey. You can take out the wires and poles using the clone tool.As Silverous says you have a better programme than the 2 mentioned. If you are cosidering upgrading you can pick elements up cheaply on ebay

  oldbeefer2 14:28 20 Feb 2007

I use serif click here - it's free.

  anchor 15:15 20 Feb 2007

I have various photo programmes, including full Photoshop CS. However, the one I use most is Paint Shop Pro 7, with the 7.04 update.

I am very familiar with it, and it does almost everything I need, including some very specific correction work on old photos.

To see three examples:

click here

click here

click here

  chub_tor 15:20 20 Feb 2007

I use Serif too, PhotoPlus 10 which was offered for £9.95 - a bargain. But for some things I prefer to use a cut down version of Photoshop Elements that was supplied free with my Olympus camera. It has a much easier Save option.

  anchor 15:24 20 Feb 2007

Sorry, I made an error. I posted the link to one pictures twice. These are the links I meant to post:

click here

click here

click here

  Smokeyone 15:40 20 Feb 2007

Thanks all for the advice. Great job you did on the old pix "anchor" . Eedam you are right about the clone tool but it took me forever in psp. I moved a pixel at a time trying to hide a lamppost but you might know a better way. Lamppost against a sky background.............
Whats the best way of improving a bland looking sky............


  Snec 19:04 20 Feb 2007

This is what I use. It is easy to use and does a good job without taking too long or requiring too much patience, click here

  eedcam 22:21 20 Feb 2007

without seeing it Smokey difficult I have at times just selected sections of sky whatever and blended that over the post whatever bland sky apartfrom colour you can add clouds or pinch sky from another photo. If you are not sure you can email me a clip tell me what you want I'll see what I can do and return with how I did it.

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