Photo printing wizard

  podlod 14:37 12 May 2008

Hi, the prob is that every time I connect my External hard drive to my PC to save something, a panel appears and reads photo printing wizard, and when I finally manage to clear the panel another appears and says not responding, do you want to end now? I click yes and it returns me to the desk top and I have to wait until all shortcuts return again. Is there some way I can stop this photo printing wizard from appearing each time? thank you.

  chub_tor 16:03 12 May 2008

1. Look in Start, All Programmes, Startup folder to see if there is a reference to it and if so delete it.
2. I the Startup folder is empty go to Start, Run and type msconfig in the box and hit Enter. Click on the Startup Tab and look down the list of ticked boxes to see if there is a reference to the Photo Printing Wizard, if so untick the box and reboot. If the problem is cleared you will see a message box saying that you are not running a normal start up, tick this box so that you don't see the message everytime that you boot up.

  podlod 07:38 13 May 2008

Hi chub, I carried out what you advised but could not find it anywhere. I went to run as you said and tried msconfig but a panel appeared and said windows cannot find msconfig? I tried in start> search> files folders and got through it that way, but why can I not get msconfig through RUN now, any ideas? thank you.

  chub_tor 10:56 13 May 2008

OK I think that we have been looking in the wrong place - my fault I thought that it happened at startup and now I realise that it happens when you plug in your externam drive.

The Photo Printing Wizard is normally activated in XP when you want to print pictures and you select Print this Picture from the Picture Tasks Menu so I assume that you have pictures on your external hard drive and in the past you have printed some of them. For some reason the task was not completed and now Windows starts it up each time that it senses these pictures and wants to continue to print them.

Have you tried following the Wizard through rather than trying to close it? It might lead you to the pictures on the external drive that you have selected and then you can deselect them before finishing with the Wizard.

Give this a go and come back.

  podlod 15:59 13 May 2008

Yes I have tried to follow it through but an hour glass comes up as you know and will not let me click on it then I click on just the screen and it disappears, I cannot find the link to the photo wizard either?any ideas.

  chub_tor 20:08 13 May 2008

If this has started recently and you have a restore point before it started happening you could go for a System Restore. You won't lose any data but you will lose any programmes and updates that you have installed since the restore point was made.

  podlod 08:09 14 May 2008

Hi chub, I may have to go to far back on system restore.
Marg, I have done what you advised but there did not say anything regarding `action to perform` as this was not there? any other ideas?

  chub_tor 09:52 14 May 2008

I think that Marg is on the right track. Try this which is taken directly from the Help an Support in Windows XP

"To change how your computer handles multimedia content
Open My Computer.
Under Devices with Removable Storage, right-click the device you want, such as a digital camera or CD-ROM drive, and then click Properties.
On the AutoPlay tab, click the multimedia content type you want to change.
Under Actions, click the action you want Windows to perform when it detects the media type you selected.

To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.
Your removable storage device must be attached to your computer for it to appear in the My Computer folder."

  podlod 16:16 14 May 2008

Hi, I followed your link Marg to see what exactly what you mean quite easily, tried that, but as soon as I connected my EXT HDD, as always it did the same again, there must be some way?

  chub_tor 16:42 14 May 2008

Try following Marg7 procedure BUT switch the power off, then connect up your external drive and power up again ie boot the system with the external drive plugged in.

  podlod 15:16 16 May 2008

Well I tried what you advised and clicked `take no action` but it did not work, any other ideas?

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