Photo Printing Problems

  Daz35 20:07 30 Aug 2004

I'm trying to print photographs using an HP2210 and Kodak 4x6 photo paper and keep getting a slight margin or gap (in other words the photo doesn't fit properly)on the end of the photo.

It's not actually missing any of the photo, but doesn't seem to fit properly.

I've tried everything, resizing, size to fit, adjusting properties, using borderless printing etc etc and just can't seem to get it right.

Does it depend on the actual size of the photograph or will I always have to trim them up?

I've printed A4 size without a problem, it's just the 6X4 size I can't fathom out.

Any ideas?


  jack 20:25 30 Aug 2004

I suspect an 'Aspect Ratio' conflict
IE the proportions of the photo do not match
Look at A4 which is 11.75 x8.25
Then A5 which is 8.25 x5.55
Then A6 Which is 5.55x 4.12

Get it!

  Daz35 21:20 30 Aug 2004

I see what you're saying and it sounds right.

How do I go about changing this, so the aspect ratio is correct?

  woodchip 21:43 30 Aug 2004

It may be the Photo Edit Program is overriding the Printer settings

  woodchip 21:45 30 Aug 2004

As to your above, what you are talking about you need to mask and crop the image

  Daz35 22:08 30 Aug 2004

Suely you don't have to do this for every single image just to print a 6X4 photo?

I've tried several photo edit programs and they all seem to do the same thing.

  jack 08:05 31 Aug 2004

Afraid you do paper sizes dont quite match the photo frame size.
The ideal is a white border around the image that is equal on top left and right and and twice that at the bottom.

Change the shape of the photo and the image distorts.

  Daz35 13:03 31 Aug 2004

I've also tried what you suggested with printing with tabs, but still get a bigger tab on one end.

  jack 14:07 31 Aug 2004

Explain 'Tabs'

  Daz35 14:14 31 Aug 2004

I assumed they were the margins or white spaces left at the end

  jack 14:19 31 Aug 2004

What photo edit program are you using?

Some -I can think of two -there must be more
Us a facility when you can place the image of a representartion of the page and move the image around to make it any size- even put multiple images on a sheet.
The two I have in mind are PaintShop Pro the Page Layout function and PhotoSuite - the Montage function.

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