Photo lost during cut and paste

  sujiboy 03:30 12 Feb 2011

I was transferring photos using cut and paste operation from my camera to PC using USB. The operation was interuppted due to lack of space in my computer hard disk. I now find that more than 75% of the photos missing. How can i recover the photos ?

  Forum Editor 07:26 12 Feb 2011

you place the file on the clipboard, which means it is temporarily stored in your computer's RAM. The clipboard can only store one item, and that is replaced when you place another item on the clipboard.

When you shut down the machine the contents of the clipboard are lost.

  BT 08:45 12 Feb 2011

Were the pictures on a memory card?

Its a long shot but you could try a recovery program such as PC Inspector

click here

But as you used Cut and paste it really is a long shot.

You should always Copy files rather than Cut them as its non destructive and you can then delete them from the memory card when you know its been successful.

  eedcam 09:51 12 Feb 2011

Better still use a card reader instead of mesing with usb and camera

  Nontek 13:22 12 Feb 2011

If you can use a card-reader as per eedcam's suggestion your card will show up as a 'drive' with a drive letter in your My Computer. Then using this direct download WILL recover your photos after clicking on the cards drive-letter before pressing Start. NB if you click on Cancel at any time, the photos so far recovered will still be accessible ...

click here

  BRYNIT 13:50 12 Feb 2011

If you are going to transfer pictures from camera or even a flash card to your computer I would advise not to cut and paste.

Open two windows side by side. One for the camera/flash drive and one for the folder on your computer. You can then either copy and paste or just drag the files across, this will always keep a copy on the camera/flask drive preventing the problem of loosing the files. Alway check the files on your computer before deleting them from the camera.

  wossie 00:17 13 Feb 2011

I cannot believe the advice given on this site at times. Try a program called recuva, free download. Run program, select the type of files you wish (need) to recover, specific location, browse, enable deep scan, then recover to a folder of your choice, create beforehand on a separate drive or you may overwrite if saving to same drive. Cut and deleted files are still there until they are overwriren.

  wossie 00:39 13 Feb 2011

"Were these pictures on a memory card" no they were on the battery.
"If you can use a card-reader as per eedcam's suggestion your card will show up as a 'drive' with a drive letter in your My Computer"
What do you think the camera showed up as on the PC, a space ship.
A camera is a glorified card reader.

  wossie 00:42 13 Feb 2011

That should have been "over written" Mental note take off gloves.

  BT 08:58 13 Feb 2011

This is the most stupid statement. It was a perfectly sensible question. Were the pictures on a memory card OR on the cameras internal memory?

If you can't see that people are trying to help why post such stupid remarks. People try to help when others have problems and if you can't understand this perhaps you should keep quiet. Not everyone understands everything and the suggestions made are perfectly valid.

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