Photo to High Quality VCD

  chriscross72 10:14 11 Nov 2006

I have 100 wedding photographs which I have converted to a WMV file using Photo Story 3 for Windows.I'd like to convert this file to a VCD to be viewed on tv through a dvd player.I've used nero to do this and the resulting vcd is somewhat poor quality and blocky.
Is there a suitable programme available which will keep the quality up as high as when I use Photostory 3 ?

Thank You : )

  [email protected] 10:39 11 Nov 2006

Hi. I have been using Pinnacle Studio v8 for some time and very pleased with the results. To answer your question though, not sure if it will convert WMV to VCD. I will be happy to try and make up a WMV just to check but perhaps not today. Is PhotoStory a Windows program?

  chriscross72 10:42 11 Nov 2006

Hi yes photostory is a windows converts jpeg pictures into a sort of semi video with music......just when i use nero to convert it to vcd to view on tv the quality drops off....

  GroupFC 11:00 11 Nov 2006

You can get a plugin for Photostory 3 from click here (unfortunately you have to pay!), that should do what you want, but I haven't found a trial version to see what the quality is like.

Have you had a look at papjohn's website click here, to see what he recommends?

  [email protected] 11:10 11 Nov 2006

I just tried to open a .WMV file in Pinnacle and it doesn't like it, sorry.
Have you tried WindowsMovieMaker? (Find it in Start / Programs / Accessories). I haven't used it but it may solve your problem.

  [email protected] 11:38 11 Nov 2006

I just found this on my HDD - something which I have never used which came with my Fuji Finepix camera software
click here
Looks like the simple (vcd) version is freebie but the upgrade to DVD may be payware.

  [email protected] 15:12 11 Nov 2006

click here
15 day eval version of Arcsoft Video Impression.

  martd77 18:21 11 Nov 2006

Ive done this loads of times with holiday and birthday party pictures etc.
Use one of the roxio media creator programs,the newest is the media creator nine suite,the quality depends on what you want to output the file as,divx,mpeg,mpeg2 dvd etc
I find its an excellent product worth every penny,ive tried photostory and as a free program its ok but the roxio one is very good value for money.

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