Photo files ext. changed.

  Mick248 09:12 16 Sep 2005

Hi was wondering if anyone could answer this weird question.

A friend of mine (honestly) has somehow managed to copy photos from their camera to cd/rw, which is all well and good.

However the files are showing as DAT files. The pics have been erased from the camera now.

Is there anyway these can be reverted to normal jpeg files. Photo developers unable to help. Have tried renaming files as jpeg with no luck. Obviusly due to them being DAT files.

Thanks I hope this is enough info and not too much.

  Gongoozler 10:08 16 Sep 2005

Hi Mick248. Unfortunately the file extension .dat is used for almost any data file type. The only way to interpret these files is by knowing what generated them. As you've tried opening the files as jpegs, then unless you know of another format the pictures may have been in - possibly a proprietary format that the camera uses, then tha chances of recovering the pictures are slim.

You say that your friend copied the photos from the camera to a CD-RW. Unless the pictures were first copied to a folder on the computer, this could have been the source of the problem. Also I would never trust "drag and drop" packet writing onto a cd-rw disk for photos as this is notoriously flakey.

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