Photo editing software to slow!! Cheap solutions?

  Dave78 11:34 09 Feb 2008

Hi, I'm getting into drawing on my computer using both Photoshop Elements 6 and PSP photo x2. My problem is when I want to freehand sketch, I move fairly fast, but PSP always takes a second before it finally displays the line I drew hindering my "creativenenss", so I used PS Elements which ran "smoother" but after swapping out tools a couple times it always freezes! So PSP never freezes but is irratating to draw with and PS draws smooth but freezes, so I'm wondering what I could do to help these programs run smoother. I have a Radeon X550 Graphics Card but to upgrade I would have to buy a new Power Supply as well.(ouch!) So I was thinking about maybe just upgrading my systems RAM to 2 or 3GB. I'm running on 1GB right now. Thanks! 11:44 09 Feb 2008

Have a look at click here various choices for Draw plus now X2 Reasonable priced and dependable

  jack 11:46 09 Feb 2008

Ram or lack of will slow you down so get more.

Increase the size of the virtual HDD/Scratch disk[Windows Help File]

A dedicated Draw program -Serif Draw for example
Are all things to investigate.

  Demora 12:04 09 Feb 2008

Serif Draw Plus is good. Also what do you use to draw with? Just the mouse are a Graphics tablet. Wacom have tablets at varing price ranges and use a pen. They also bundle some drawing software in with the tablet.

PC world used to sell them. or maybe click here


  pj123 12:07 09 Feb 2008

Try Free Serif Software

DrawPlus 4 is free.

I use a lot of Serif software and find it very good. I have DrawPlus 7 but 4 would probably be just as good, or you can get version 6 for £9.99.

Be aware that once you get yourself on Serif's database you will be inundated with emails and possibly phone calls to buy or upgrade.

click here

  Dave78 18:34 09 Feb 2008

I'm using a the Pentagram XXL Tablet right now and it works fine but when I watch YouTube clips of people drawing with Photoshop it's always very smooth and fast. But my program lags when I draw to quick. It's frustrating. I thought about updating my Graphics Card to get better quality but was hoping maybe just adding more system RAM would do the trick. I've never used the Serif draw programs but I like what I'm able to do in the Photo editing programs. But if the drawing programs have the same capabilities maybe I'll give them a shot. Thanks!

  Pineman100 19:13 09 Feb 2008

I certainly agree with others that Serif Drawplus is excellent software and great value.

You'll also make much lighter demands on your computer's processing power by using a vector drawing program like Drawplus, rather than software like Photoshop, which is primarily a bitmap editing package.

  Demora 19:17 09 Feb 2008

I have as much ram in my pc as the motherboard will take for photos video and music editing. Its always the first upgrade I do.

I used to use Micrografx Draw which I think was bought out by Coral (Draw).

Another programme was Painter. BUT it had a wierd interface.

Go for the Draw Plus. I use DP8and a wacom tablet nowadays and get more ram should fix thiongs. also disable any programs you don't need running when you're drawing, freeing up the system rescources.


  Joe R 19:21 09 Feb 2008


I don't think it will make a great deal of difference, changing your graphics program, as all these types use as much cpu and ram as possible, to follow every pixel, or even sub-pixel being modified.

Upgrading your ram would certainly be a big bonus, and whether to upgrade to 2Gb or 3gb, would depend on what operating system you use. For XP 2Gb should be enough, or if it is Vista, the 3GB would be a better choice.

  Dave78 21:25 09 Feb 2008

I really appreciate your responces about this issue! I've spent the last day and a half doing research on the net getting info about my computer and possible graphic card upgrades but it's more expensive than I thought. I didn't even know I'd have to buy a new power supply to run a midrange graphic card:-p Then if I were to spend all that money and it might not even fix my problem would be nerve racking! But upgrading my system RAM is cheaper and will hopefully give me the results I'm looking for and if not, I've never heard someone complain about to much RAM. I will also try that DrawPlus program and if I really want to do more editing to a drawing then I should just be able to load it into Photoshop or PSP when I'm finished drawing right? Thanks tons everybody!

  Pineman100 13:39 11 Feb 2008

>I will also try that DrawPlus program and if I really want to do more editing to a drawing then I should just be able to load it into Photoshop or PSP when I'm finished drawing right?<

Well, it's not quite that straightforward. A drawing program such as Drawplus (or one of the many others of its type) creates a drawing via the vector system (ie: simply put, joining points). It also uses its own native file format.

If you want to edit a vector drawing from Drawplus in a bitmap editor like Photoshop, you'll have to export the file from Drawplus in a bitmap format such as JPG or TIFF.

If I were you, I would give Drawplus a good tryout before spending money on a new graphics card, RAM, PSU or whatever. Download the free version (it's several years out-of-date but still full useable). click here.

A vector program makes much lighter demands on your computer than a bitmap editor, so you may find that it'll run quite happily on your existing machine.

But if it doesn't, then you can do a bit of upgrading.

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