Photo editing file problem

  magnus35 08:10 16 Mar 2007

Using PhotoImpact XL
Windows XP SP2
My knowledge is very limited , however , I can manage to crop pictures quite successfully . The problem is that , occasionally , it seems to save a file in a different format . Usually , if I spot this , it is possible to reopen the file and use Save As to save as jpeg . For some reason , the odd file will say it is being be saved as a $#$ ( or maybe #$#) and will be lost forever . Other times , after clicking on Save , a file will just disappear and searching , using all or part of its name , brings up no results .
Any suggestions as to the cause / remedy ?
Also , can anybody explain why cropping a picture can result in an increase in the file size ?

  MAJ 09:09 16 Mar 2007

Not sure what's happening, probably a problem with PhotoImpact XL. Download and install Irfanview click here, it's free and easy to use, see if you have the same problem when using that program, see if we can narrow the problem.

  eedcam 09:23 16 Mar 2007

First thing is you should never work on the original file always duplicate and edit the duplicate . Second most editors by default will save as their file type Ie Psd for photoshop and psp for paintshop which is correct .Jpeg is a lossy format and will continue to degrade as its used so again should be saved as a Lossless format.Appreciate you can get caught out by this but once bitten twice shy always use save as .As for the search no need for file names if you search>music >videos> pictures then select pictres you should get every pic on your pc regardless of format displayed

  hssutton 09:27 16 Mar 2007

It would help if you gave the extension used rather than "$#$ ( or maybe #$#)" as an example a 16 bit file will save as a Tiff, but not as a jpg. Cropping will always reduce the file size, unless you are then saving such as a Jpg as a Tiff file.

Alao if you actually saved the the "odd file" it will almost certainly be hiding somewhere on your hard drive, so maybe better than downloading Irfanview, download Picasa click here, as this will find all the photos on your drive/s

  rick808 09:34 16 Mar 2007

Cropping doesn't always reduce resolution - if you have a picture of 1434 x 574 pixels with a resolution of 72dpi but crop with the resample image option on and set to 300dpi, you will end up with a cropped picture but much more pixel data i.e 5000 x 2000 pixels.

  MAJ 09:43 16 Mar 2007

I think also, that picasa, or any photo-editing software, will find photos only if they have a recognised extension (jpg, tiff, etc.). As these seem to be saving with a random crazy extension, I'm not sure they will be found unless the exact extension is remembered and searched for.

  eedcam 12:57 16 Mar 2007

No need to use any photo editing softwre to Find an ordinary window search as said

  MAJ 13:16 16 Mar 2007

My point is, if the file doesn't have a recognised graphic extension, it wont be found in those searches, be they via a graphics program or via search>music >videos> pictures.

  magnus35 07:38 17 Mar 2007

Many thanks to all who posted informative and helpful advice .

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