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  keja 15:08 04 Nov 2005

I want to make a kind of collage; i.e. to cut round an object in one photo and paste it to another.
However, when I do this by tracing round the outline the cut object acquires a white rectangular background/box/whatever, in addition to the outline. (does that make sense?)

1) Am I doing something wrong?
2) Do I need more sophisticated software? (currently using ULead Photo Express 3.0 which came with my scanner.)
3) Anything else?

Of course, I could always print out the 2nd photo, cut out the bit I want with scissors, and glue it to the 1st photo......

  Simsy 16:34 04 Nov 2005

I'm sure I could do what you wanted with PhotoExpress2, so I'm sure it can be done in 3...

Instead of "Cut", when you have the section selected, try "Copy" and then paste into your desired image.

I'm at work at the moment so can't test this, but I still have version 2 at home so I'll try later.



  CHAIRLEG 17:10 04 Nov 2005

click here You can make a collage here if it's any help.

  Simsy 17:58 04 Nov 2005

What I've suggested works in version 2.

Don't be misled bythe rectangle "outline" that appears... everything inside that, apart from what's been copied, is transparent.



  keja 18:58 04 Nov 2005


Many thanks for that - I'm not sure why it didn't work before but this time success.

Just one more thing - is there a way to resize the copied item? It seems to have shrunk in the transfer.

not quite what I wanted but useful for the future.

Thanks both of you

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