Phonetools US robotics modem receiving faxes

  Ether 15:25 31 Jan 2003

Ihave a US robotics 56k professional modem. It was supplied with Supervoice and worked OK except that if I answered the phone and it was a fax pressing the stopplay button on the modem did not switch the modem to receiving the fax. However i could quickly load Supervoice and rescue it. I have now upgraded to XP and had to change to PhoneTools. Now if I answer the phone and it is a fax I lose it as I cannot find a way of getting phone tools to receive the fax even if it is already loaded.

I have been told that using a faxswitch on the modem might work.Anybody any experience?

Has anybody any other ideas? Am I missing something in the way I have configured PhoneTools?

Does anyone know of a programme that will allow me to receive voice messages and faxes while the computer is switched off and doesn't suffer from the same problems?

All help/suggestions gratefully received.


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