phone/modem connection

  teak goblin 18:52 11 Feb 2006

hi, i have been trying to share a single phone socket, im plugging in a dail up moden cable and a phone line using a 2 way adaptor
when its pluged into the wall socket the phone rings can anyone tell me what is wrong and if i can share the single socket

  Jackcoms 19:59 11 Feb 2006

PC or phone in a single socket, not both

  DieSse 20:23 11 Feb 2006

Of course you can share a socket between any two dial-up devices, using an adaptor.

Does the phone ring as soon as you plug in the modem?

Have you tried a different adaptor?

Possibly the modem is faulty - possibly one of the cables is faulty - possibly the socket is not wired up correctly - but it should work with no problems at all.

  teak goblin 20:49 11 Feb 2006

yes the phone does ring as soon as the modem cable is plugged in
there are 3 phones in the house altogether
does this make a differance
thanks for the replys.

  ade.h 23:22 11 Feb 2006

That happened to me once too; just cured it by trying a different adapter. Oddly, the original adapter was otherwise working okay.

  pj123 12:55 12 Feb 2006

Modem cables come in two variety's. Two wire and Four wire.

If the phone rings when you plug the modem in you have the wrong cable. Whichever one you have you need to buy the other.

Check to see which you have 2 or 4 wire.

  teak goblin 13:09 12 Feb 2006

thank you so much for all your answers i will get a new modem cable

  spuds 14:34 12 Feb 2006

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