Phone User Manual Wanted

  ACOLYTE 09:47 08 May 2006

I have purchased a cordless phone from a boot sale,but there was no manual with it,i did go back and ask the chap if he had the manual but he said they didn't come with one and he couldn't find one any were on line,i was a bit sceptical about it but believed him.I did check myself and sure enough i cant find one either,even the makers site doesn't have a manual as the product is "NEW" according to the site,i find it strange that new products don't have manuals for them.

The Phone is a Binatone MA760 i have been here
click here but the pdf file that is supposed to be the manual tells me there isn't one available yet,does any one know where i can acquire a manual for this phone?.

  Totally-braindead 10:31 08 May 2006

Only suggestion I have ACOLYTE is try phoning them, just tell them you lost it and ask for a replacement. I've found their customers service to be quite good. Alternatively they might be able to tell you where on the web to get the manual even if they won't send one.

  Totally-braindead 10:38 08 May 2006

I can dig out the phone number for them if you wish as I have Binatone DECT phones and I'm almost certain I know where the manual is.

  bruno 10:42 08 May 2006

This may be the phone number you want.(01325) 304473

  johnnyrocker 10:48 08 May 2006

click here= might be of use


  dms05 11:02 08 May 2006

If the DECT phone model is so new why was it on offer at a Car Boot sale with or without a manual?

  spuds 11:29 08 May 2006

Argos appear to sell these click here Why not contact them, and see if they can give you the contact for the manual. They may even provide a photocopy!.

  ACOLYTE 18:51 08 May 2006

Thx all, i have looked on most site's linked from google without succsess,i didnt think about Argos,so that may be worth looking in to,if not then i will try the phone number given here and see if that helps.As for why they were selling on a boot sale i dont know,i have no reason to suspect that anything is dodgy with the phone,the boot sale is quite well monitored for that sort of thing.


  Totally-braindead 19:02 08 May 2006

Went and checked the manual I have for my phone and the number bruno gives is the one I phoned last year when I needed a handset part and they were very helpful.

  Stuartli 19:10 08 May 2006

I also found that the manual is not available yet.

However there are other very similar model numbers and it might be worth checking out their manuals.

  ACOLYTE 14:45 13 May 2006

I have managed to set the phone up by using a manual from a similar phone as Stuartli suggested
thx for the help.

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