Phone socket miles from computer

  Chris the Ancien 20:42 31 Mar 2006

I have just got a new flat and, as always, the phone socket is in the living room.

But I want to use my computer in the study (aka 2nd bedroom) and connect to broadband via the phone line.

I am reluctant to trail miles of electric string around the flat, under fitted carpets, round doorways etc. So, is there some sort of way I can have a wireless connection system instead?



  ade.h 21:39 31 Mar 2006

Yep, no problem. Except for setting up the router.

To set up and configure a router for the first time - and CRUCIALLY whenever adjusting a setting that affects the wireless connection - you need to wire the router (or modem/router if you're an ADSL user) to a PC via an Ethernet patch cable.

So you could buy a very long patch cable, or if the distance between the two rooms is too great for that, you could use a long phone cable so that you can temporarily move the router to the PC. Kind of a Mohammed/Mountain situation, where your desktop PC is the mountain!

  Chris the Ancien 23:43 31 Mar 2006


Thanks for that advice. I see where that's coming from, but the long patch cable (temporary) might cause a problem.

Over my dinner (and glass of white stuff) I thought the system through laterally. I am lucky in that there is a loft over my flat (for my use). I think I shall explore that as a potential route for a long phone extension. That way, will only have to run a cable up in one corner of the lounge and then down in a corner in the 'study'.

I'm going over to the flat tomorrow and will explore that as a potential route (and have another look at how well the carpet is fixed).

Previous experience with my current set up (cable b/b) has shown that the router needs resetting every so often, and its darned convenient to have everything in the one place. So hard wiring looks the most likely candidate at the moment.

But thanks for giving me some ideas (which aren't discarded).

I shall give a tick, though as the wireless route doesn't have quite as much appeal with all that hassle.


  Newuser38 13:19 01 Apr 2006

You dont say if the new flat is a cable or BT connection. But if it is of any help I have a BT 2110 Wireless ADSL Router incl Modem which I connected wirelessly to my main old pc by using a BT Voyager 1055 USB wireless adapter.

I did not have to do any ethernet cable set up to connect. I have had it for 6months now I got the router and the wireless adapter from Argos as a deal.

By chance the router and the pc are now in the same room but my wife occasionally uses her laptop at home in the lounge and connects to my router by using a 1055 adapter. (Hope it is clear that I have a BT line not cable different gear would be needed for cable)

  ade.h 14:19 01 Apr 2006

"I did not have to do any ethernet cable set up to connect."

Well, that must be unique, and well worth knowing.

All the routers that I have ever worked with (I don't touch anything to do with BT, mind) have to be configured via RJ45.

It is a chicken and egg situation - how can you configure a wireless network for the first time or change any settings that relate to the wireless signal when you cannot yet connect a wireless client?

A good example of how things can be messed up: I once carelessly changed a wifi setting without thinking about it, while logged into the config via a wireless client. When I came to log out, it naturally refused to do so, as the wireless link had been broken. Moving onto a wired client and trying to log in produced a sessions warning "you cannot enter the config - you are already logged in - please log out first" Aagh! Can't! Had to leave it to time out, then reboot the router and then restore my saved settings to repair the wifi. You live and learn!

  rsinbad 16:41 01 Apr 2006

If its a problem wiring the why not try
click here

  pipedream 11:58 02 Apr 2006

How about borrowing a laptop to set the router up? You can connect the router to your phone socket, connect the (usually supplied) ethernet cable between the laptop & router & set it up the wireless connection from there. As you say though, it could be tricky if you lose the wireless connection & need to tweak the router.

  Chris the Ancien 20:15 03 Apr 2006

Sorry about lack of responses from me, I've been somewhat busy trying to get organised for the flat!

I will be on a BT connection there. And as phone cable can be fairly easy to 'hide' (I did it in another flat some years ago), I think that is the way I'll go.

I shall investigate the idea from Newuser38 - it looks interesting for a later date. I had thought of the using my laptop to configure a wireless router, but now having spent rather more than I anticipated at a well-known Swedish furniture store setting up the contents I need to live with, my budget has taken a larger hammering than I expected. So 'hidden' wiring is what I shall have to stay with for a while.

But, thanks for all the thoughts. I appreciate it.


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