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  ch0pper 16:56 17 May 2004


Over the past couple of months I have slowly added books to my shopping cart at It now stands at some $600 worth of books not available in the UK.

Yesterday, I opened my cart and tried to 'rpceed to checkout'. This leads to an error page telling me that "The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.".

Now, I've made no alterations to any settings and I can access perfectly.

I have always been able to access until this last attempt.

Just to see if it was my PC, I tried it on my laptop which has had no new s/ware to alter anything since last summer. I have tried using IE6, Opera, Avant and Netscape browsers. I also tried it using my PowerMac G5. That also generated the same result.

Negotiating my way through's all but impenetrable 'Help' system I located the 'contact us' form, I duly completed my query and guess what? Yes, I got a page not available error.

Now don't anywhere on their site provide a direct e-mail address to get hold of some help, and they don't publish a phone number either.

Does anyone know of a phone number for customer service? I don't mind phoning them in the evening if it means I can get my hands.

Many thanks.


  Old Shep 17:05 17 May 2004

Here's their address it's a start Ltd Patriot Court, 1-9 The Grove, Slough, Berkshire, England SL1 1QP.

  GaT7 17:06 17 May 2004

" have a customer services number, 0800 2796620 (Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00).
This is very handy if you have a package stuck with the incompetent ParcelForce. Email feedback is all well and good, but sometimes a phone call gets you the results you want." source: click here.

You could also try: [email protected] but I'm not sure if their system accepts such messages. Good luck, G

  ch0pper 17:41 17 May 2004

Thanks all.

The problem is with, not I've tried e-mailing [email protected] but it gets bounced.

A very helpful young man at on the freephone number told me that they can't resolve issues with their American parent, but he did give me their US 1-800 number, that I can use for free from the UK with a slight change to the prefix code.

So, hopefully I'll be able to report success some time after 2000 when I'll make the call.

  byfordr 18:22 17 May 2004

Amazon number is very elusive these my postings!

  ch0pper 18:46 17 May 2004

because so many problems can be explained and resolved more quickly by voice commnications that trying to write it all out, only to find that the person at the oher end doesn't understand or wants more info ...

I've used Nationwide Flexaccount for many years as my current account, and have used the onlive system since it started. But they still maintain a voice number that gets through to real people who are all based in England and speak proper English and who can usually resolve issues immediately. I wonder why other comapnies can't be as forthcoming.

  GaT7 19:16 17 May 2004

ch0pper - In the end it's a money/resource issue I suppose. I recently called a UK-based Co. & spoke to a UK-based customer service person. They did not understand, did not care & did not want to admit they (or, to be more precise, details on their website) were wrong & misleading. Hope it's a one-off & they make the necessary changes in due time. But will that person bother to report the mistakes & maybe care a little more? Maybe I should've asked to speak to someone else. Yesterday, I spoke to customer services, representing a different UK-based Co., in Asia (India) & that went off very well. So I suppose, it's combination of the person, their knowledge & how much they care that makes it ideal & a pleasure to speak to someone directly. Hope all goes well with your order : ) G

  Belatucadrus 20:46 17 May 2004
  ch0pper 22:12 17 May 2004

Thank you Belatucadrus.

I'd got there before, and it wouldn't let me go past it. Kept telling me that next page was unavilable.

However, my phone call to resulted ina conversation with a very helpful young man who got things sorted out. It seems there was some sort of technical 'hang up' associated with my user name. All is now resolved, and amaon can get my money :)

Thank for all your help, peeps.

  RSL 23:23 17 May 2004

for the useful information given here.

Must admit that Amazon have been really good with all of my orders.

I would highly recommend them.



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