phone line in use soon as windows loads

  Cas141 15:43 05 Apr 2004

The PC is an Evesham desktop (owned by daughter!)with a PCI internal modem. When first purchased the internet was accessed Ok using this dial up modem. It got flaky, don't know exactly how, but husband and her are not computer security savvy so could have been anything.
Moved computer to a different room. I went to assist them getting back on to the internet and found that when trying to dial out to set up with a Pay as You Go ISP there was no dial tone and a message saying that the modem was already in use or not configured.
Then, strangely, I noticed that whenever the PC was switched on- no effort made to connect to internet at all- there was an open line on their phone. Tried to telephone on a mobile and the house phone shown as busy etc. This was worrying,naturally.
So - modem plug was disconnected. And house phone worked OK.
Later, we decided to use the recovery disc to return the PC to its " Just bought" state.
This was done- after a struggle - and it involved partitioning , so it seems a complete "wipe" of data was done.
When the PC was switched on , with the modem cable plugged in, there was no evidence of the telephone line being used.
My view then was that maybe they had had a Hijacker but he was now gone.!
I loaded Zone Alarm and we tried to setup with a Pay as you Go ISP.
Got he same result as before - No dial tone - The telephone line was open, and the PC said modem was either in use or not configured.
As well as this - ZA asks for permision to connect "Generic Host Process for 32 etc etc" . And something else is trying to connect "Spooling... "something or other.

I have tried another modem- external Hayes model - same result , no dialing tone when asked to connect by the ISP disc.
I have put the internal modem into another PCI slot- same result.
I have been into Device manager many times and each modem is working correctly with correct drivers, according to that.
The telephone line extension to the modem is working - When connected to the house phone , the house phone works, -so there is no physical break in the wire etc.
It seems when the PC is first switched on there is no "line engaged " problem, until the first try with the modem. Then there is; and it is there on subsequent re boot.
Big Question - After the use of the "Recovery Disc", surely there cannot be a"dialler" or "Hijacker " still there?
It must be in the modem /system settings somewhere- but we are at our wits end!
Sorry to have gone on for a long time, but I really would appreciate the help of the experts on this.
Thanks .

  TomJerry 16:02 05 Apr 2004

It seems that you have elimate the possible spyaware. If not, try spybot search and destory or Adware to remove possible spyware.

Have you tried to connect to net use another PC successful on your phone line. If not, there must be a problem with phone line.

If you got the caller ID withhold on your line, most ISPs will not accept the dail up from line. This is just one of security measures most isps used.

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