Phone Line Question

  YinHoNg 18:52 19 Dec 2006

This is not a computer question but I couldn't find any phone line forums!

I want to get a second line installed in my house. I've talked to companies like Toucan and TalkTalk and they said that only BT can actually install a new line for me. Is this true?

  Pineman100 18:58 19 Dec 2006
  anskyber 18:59 19 Dec 2006

Yes, unless you go for cable but that is not the same as a new telephone line.

  Diversion 19:05 19 Dec 2006

I should think so, because my previous ISP Pipex sent BT to check for faults with my line although I was paying line rental to Pipex. I believe it will be the same now with TalkTalk, my new provider.

  wee eddie 19:17 19 Dec 2006

Unless you have Cable installed

  Graham. 19:20 19 Dec 2006

In the UK at the moment only BT and Kingston (in Hull) can provide a copper 'phone line. They own the exchanges and the cable distribution system.

  YinHoNg 19:21 19 Dec 2006

Wow. So if I want a new phone line, i will have to pay BT to install a new line (£106), as well as a monthly line rental (£~11) and then choose a phone service?! Wow, adding an additional line is going to be much more costly than I thought.

So how does it all work then? How can companies like talk talk sell phone services like talk plans if they require bt lines?

  jack 19:32 19 Dec 2006

As stated BT own the wires- or more properly now you will notice I think this aspect of BT is called 'OpenReach'and it is they who will be at the street junction boxes and perhaps up the pole. whilst the familiar BT man will sort you out for line service. Talk Talk as I understand it 'factor' the line rental charge from BT and build it into the cost of calls.

This is similar I imagine to Gas and Electricity no longer make a periodic- connection charge it is all built in.

  YinHoNg 19:37 19 Dec 2006

This still seems silly to me. If companies like Talk Talk can provide a phone service, WHY do i need to ask BT to open the line for me? Shouldn't Talk Talk just ask BT to install one for me instead. That way, I deal directly with TalkTalk.


  Stuartli 19:44 19 Dec 2006

>>If companies like Talk Talk can provide a phone service,>>

TalkTalk's involvement with BT is clearly detailed on its website:

click here

The phone line, as already stated, belongs to BT but it might be worth contacting TalkTalk about a second phone line (the customer services phone line is free to TT customers).

  Graham. 19:48 19 Dec 2006

Once installed, a third party company can collect the line rental as part of a deal. They will then pay BT.
But for the initial installation, you are are the customer of BT, and BT will maintain and repair the line.

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