phone line issue..any suggestions

  skell 20:27 24 Oct 2006

i did start a thread obout this before nad thought the problem had been relsoved.

a friend has been recieving loss packets errors when playing online games. her original isp was BT then she wsapped to zen who we thought solved the problem bt changing a filter on the line. it worked for a while but now it has happend again.

here is her situation atm..

i believe i have narrowed my lost connections down to the telephone wire from my flat to the pole outside

my phone has become increasingly crackly, albeit intermittant, sometimes its clear and sometimes everyone on the end of the phone is apparently working in a crisp tasting factory

i have now tested three different phones, have bought a new filter, and changed all the cables from socket to pc and phone.

having done that and still getting dropped connections and a crackly phone line i became certain it must be the line outside my flat... so booked a BT engineer to come out next tuesday morning.... only to be told that if it is my phones or my connections inside the flat i will be charged £64.63 for the call out

now not only is this making me worried that i havent checked everything and getting very concerned that i will have convince whoever comes to check the outside line.....

any suggestions please . many thx in advance.

  Koochy 20:37 24 Oct 2006

Can i just ask if the pc is connected direct to the master socket or is it connected to an extension the reason i ask this question is i had the same problem and i recently bought a wireless router/modem and plugged that into the main socket and set up a wireless home network and that sorted everything including a major increase in speed. I am not saying this is going to help your situation but it may be an idea.


  Graham. 20:42 24 Oct 2006

Remove the bottom half of the Master Socket faceplate. This should disconnect all your internal wiring. Connect a phone to the internal socket, this is the test socket. If it is noisy plugged in there, it is BT's pigeon.

  WOMAN HEAD 20:56 24 Oct 2006

You should have a master socket,that is the big square one and all the other ones will be slaves,first thing to do is take out the two screws then that will disconnect your extensions from your main line,you should then see a test port which is just another telephone jack point then plug in a filter with a phone in to see if noise persists,if it does try another filter and phone and if noise still persists it is a bt does not matter which isp you are with if the line is faulty you will get problems.I am not sure why you think it is the wire from your flat to the pole but as this is the part of the network that is open to the elements its quite possible. Have a visual check and see if there are any old and corroded connections or if the wire is the old grey one it needs replacing as they are prone to a hr dis but not always visible.

  skell 19:04 25 Oct 2006

thanks... I have unscrewed the master socket and plugged the phone into that and still crackling same as before, so that does give me some confidence that i wont have to pay the charge... although i bet its as clear as a bell when the engineer comes hehe

thanks for all the help .. im going to gamble and get the engineers out

  961 19:21 25 Oct 2006

This smacks of damp. Resist attempts to be charged. Plug a (good) phone into the master socket. Does it crackle? If so, it's BT to fix, not you

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