Phone Line Extentions and Broadband

  Wilkoandout 17:24 01 Mar 2004

A friend of mine has recently signed up for a broadband supplier (Tiscali?) through her BT phone connection. An extention lead was bought new and utilised to take the line to her computer. She found that broadband is excellent when commected directly to her wall socket, but fails to function when the extention is utilised, even thought her phone set worked when connected. Other than moving her computer into the hallway has anybody got a practical explanation and solution?

  AubreyS 17:26 01 Mar 2004

You could either try another extension lead or put a proper extension socket in off the main one.

  [email protected]@m 17:30 01 Mar 2004

My first guess is your friend is connecting the extension to the phone outlet of a filter. It must go direcrly in to the socket.

My second guess, it's the wrong type of extension lead.

  [email protected]@m 17:31 01 Mar 2004

direcrly? :-)

  Wilkoandout 17:44 01 Mar 2004

I'm well commected to...

  colberly 18:09 01 Mar 2004

I have BB via an extension. One filter is attached to the main phone, the extension lead is attached to another phone socket,then the second filter is attached to the end of the extension lead into which the phone and modem are plugged. This works fine for me.
Hope I made myself clear and it doesn't sound like gobbledygook.

  ardvarc 18:38 01 Mar 2004

My extension is connected *inside* the main box by the living room window, goes under the carpets up the stairs into my 'study'. Filter fitted on the 'study' end and USB modem and phone/other pc's fitted into it. Filter fitted to phone line main box and cordless phones work OK. Now networking 2 PC's.

  steven_frost 21:37 01 Mar 2004

i've also got my BB running of a extension lead plugged direct in to the main socket then filtered works well for me

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