Phone line dead

  tooter 13:49 10 Oct 2010

My telephone connection is down, no dialling tone, incoming calls receive an engaged tone.
Talk Talk engineers confirmed that there is a short circuit on the line, BT engineer is booked.
I have disconnected all equipment that is connected to all BT phone sockets and then connected a brand new phone to illuminate any faulty equipment but there is still no dialling tone. So it looks like the fault is with the BT wiring or exchange.
My question is; my wifi still works but fails to find/load pages at times and is very slow, less than 0.1mb, if the line is down why does my wifi still to work. I have check and it is defiantly my wifi that I am logging onto.

  northumbria61 13:52 10 Oct 2010

Are you sure it is yours and not your neighbours ?

  Ventad 13:56 10 Oct 2010

I am with Pipex (talktalk) my line was down last week no incoming or out going, still got 6.4MBps Broadband. Worked out that the wires in the pavement inspection hole 30mtrs up the road had damp connections they had to be remade but after the torrential rain Sunday last, I have now got out going OK Broadband OK but no incoming, BT Engineer going to have to redo them again.

  woodchip 14:02 10 Oct 2010

BT putting Optic Cable in for us at Penistone so should go from 8Meg to 20

  tooter 14:03 10 Oct 2010

It is defiantly my wiFi, because if I remove the WiFi phone connection plug I lose my internet connection

  Ventad 14:07 10 Oct 2010

I should have said that my desktop PC is hard wired to router, plus at the same time my wifes laptop on wifi through my router and it still worked the same.

  tooter 14:15 10 Oct 2010

I also have a desktop computer that is hard wired to a different broadband modem supplied with ISP connection (Tiscali) and an old dial up modem both worked fine until this problem but neither now work

  Ventad 14:21 10 Oct 2010

I was just answering your question about phone line being down and still getting broadband as I said my phone line was down completely but I was still getting broadband how I do not know.

  bremner 15:11 10 Oct 2010

A neighbour had very poor internet speed through his BT ADSL. He contacted BT who decided it was a Router problem and sent him a new BT Homehub.

No improvement then a few days later his phone started crackling and eventually went off altogether yet he still had a slow broadband connection.

BT engineer called re the phone and it was diagnosed as tree branches rubbing on the line near a pole. They cut back the branches and hey presto his phone came back and his broadband was back to the expected speed.

It does not follow that because the phone does not work neither will the the braodband.

  john bunyan 17:47 10 Oct 2010

I had a similar situation a year ago when an underground cable fault stopped the phone but not my broadband (nor my 2nd broadband phone) I guess some wires are different. I would not mention broadband and just get them to hurry up with the phone repair.

  Daveboy 23:20 13 Oct 2010

You are probably getting a good signal from your broadband as it will function over 1 wire albeit at a much reduced rate. Unlike your actual phone service which does need both wires to function. If your phone line has been dteriorating your b/band will also have been slowing down, when your line has been repaired you may have to wait a couple of days for it to re-set itself to optimum service.

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