phone line and broadband

  lahorie 16:10 22 Mar 2005

Hi Guys

Does anyone know if broadband will work on a one way phone line i.e incoming calls only?

I would really like some suggestions regarding this as BT have told me otherwise.



  Graham ® 16:16 22 Mar 2005

I gave you my response this morning click here. You won't get a different answer by asking again -

  Magik ®© 16:16 22 Mar 2005

what phone company does a one way only line ?

even if there was one, you could download but no upload..........

  Magik ®© 16:18 22 Mar 2005

Graham ®, I knew i had seen it before, just could not think where.....

  GBL 16:24 22 Mar 2005

Sounds like someone hasn't paid their phone bill to get a one way line. BT should know what they are talking about as they connect upgrade the line in the first place.

  lahorie 16:30 22 Mar 2005

Hi Graham and Magik

Graham i saw your posts and it is true that it was a one way phone line - incoming only and it worked with broadband. I know thhi because i could not make any outgoing calls but could access broadband.

Magik it's a BT line

  Yoda Knight 16:31 22 Mar 2005

How do u talk on the phone if it only connects one way ???

  lahorie 16:33 22 Mar 2005

yoda knight

mobile phone

  plsndrs3 16:33 22 Mar 2005

BT can agree to incoming calls only on a line as my daughter had this service so that we could contact her in emergencies [cheaper line rental] BUT, if you cannot make outgoing calls, how can the pc connect with the web and its different pages with various screeches & so on? After all, you connect to the broadband ISP, they don't connect to your PC .....


  Graham ® 16:36 22 Mar 2005

The line must have had Call Barring in operation. click here

  lahorie 08:45 23 Mar 2005

plsndrs3 - paul

This is my confusion exactly. I had (my tenent to be honest) the same set up as your daughter, incoming only and emergencies. Now i don't use the BT landline at all, i have a company mobile, all calls paid for so why should i pay 30 odd quid for a 2 way line i'm never going to use!!!

All free phone numbers are open obviously so dial up was not a proble for him - but as many people have said here, if you need an incoming/outgoing phone line for broadband, how the hell did he do this with incoming only - and if it's possible i'd rather do this.

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