Phone extensions: hard lines.

  Richard Hillman 21:24 20 May 2003

Greetings all,

I'm having big problems trying to connect to the internet and to tell you the truth it's doing my bloomin' head in. You see, I recently bought a new computer but it won't let me connect to the internet via a phone extension, only directly from the primary socket which is not where I want to set it up. Whenever I use the extension, the computer comes back with 'no dial tone, check it's plugged in right' but that just baffles me cos I can get a dial-tone off a phone when I plug that in and my old computer works off the extension no problem.

I've been in touch with Medion, my computer manufacturer and they recommended I either buy a new phone extension or contact my phone company to see about upping the gain on the line. I proceeded with the latter but they were no help at all saying that this isn't a service that is available and they don't deal with problems regarding data calls anyway.

So now I've got a computer which cost a bomb that can't even get a signal off a line which my old computer can. I don't know where the problem lies cos the modem works and the extension works but they don't seem to like each other very much! I suppose writing here is last chance saloon, so if anyone's got any idea as to what's causing the problem and how to fix it I'd be very happy to hear from them. Much appreciated.

  matthew-293741 21:54 20 May 2003

I had the very same problem before, its because the end of your maodem line which plugs into the extension box, and the extension box are not compatable....on your modem line you will have either 2 or 4 gold bars, on your extension box you may have up to six, even if the number of bars matches they may still not be compatable, the best way to get round it, is to buy just the modem cable, take your cable you have with the modem already to pc world, and ask for some exactly the same only longer, this will do the trick...honest!!

  fitshase 22:33 20 May 2003

Have you tried changing the setting on the modem and remove the checkbox next to "Wait for Dial Tone before dialling".

It may help when the modem cannot find the dial tone.



  Richard Hillman 23:04 20 May 2003

lucco51 - i'm on the case. it's the best advice iv had so far!

fitshase - tried that pal, thanks anyway.

  Richard Hillman 23:11 20 May 2003

lucco51 - just wondering, wot made u think of trying that?

  1514 23:18 20 May 2003

You could possibly need a REN amplifier if you have too many connections to your phone line. you are allowed four REN. I have only just found out about these things as Sky could not get signals from one of my satellite systems. Each satellite system is 1.5 REN and yet I could phone out from the same connection. This is just something to think about in case all else fails. My REN amplifier was a cheap one at £84, so keep on trying!

  Djohn 23:23 20 May 2003

lucco51 is spot on with his/her answer. I had exactly the same problem about a year back when I installed a new modem, but used the existing short adaptor cable from my first modem.

No dial tone! after playing about for a couple of minutes, My wife said, "Why don't you use the new cable supplied with the modem".

I did, it worked. :o)

  Ironman556 23:33 20 May 2003

Try changing the extension box for a master if you can.

  Richard Hillman 01:03 29 May 2003

Thanks for all your help team.

lucco51, I wasn't sure whether you meant just buy a slightly longer modem cable to plug into the extension or buy an extra long cable to bypass the extension altogether so I bought a 9 metre Belkin cable to be on the safe side.

The line still wouldn't work when I plugged that into the extension but when directly into the main socket I got a line. Alleluia!

It's a funny line mind, very inconsistent. About 80% of the time it's really very slow, then 20% of the time (normally late on) it's faster than the computer on the downstairs line. Hey ho, at least it's working ay.

Thanks again for everyone's help it really was very much appreciated. You just don't know how close thing got to going out the upstairs window!

  beeuuem 01:28 29 May 2003

Now that it is resolved it isn't important, however I would suspect that the wiring is incorrect between the master and the extension socket. The wires should be on the same connections in both boxes click here
Telephones aren't normally polarity conscious but it is possible that a modem will be.

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