Phone doesn't work when dial up cable plugged in

  dooosuk 10:42 10 Sep 2007

Hi, Im having a couple of issues.

I've just replaced an old computer with a new one. With my old computer I was connecting to the internet via an Orange dialup connection. Unfortunately, when I plug the modem cable into the back of my new computer my landline phones no longer work. I'm using the same modem cable; just the computer has changed.

Anybody got any ideas why?


  dooosuk 10:44 10 Sep 2007

Ah, I should clarify....when I say the landline doesn't work I mean that when the computer is not turned on I cannot receive incoming calls.


  FreeCell 20:07 10 Sep 2007

Did you get a new cable for the modem with the new computer? If so try that in case the connector wiring is different on the new modem (though they should be standard)

  jack 08:54 11 Sep 2007

Looks like to 'Line through' aspect of the built in modem needs computer power to be active.
The best way out of this is to get your self a 'Doubler' to plug into the phone socket so that the computer and phone are independent.

Another danger is the REM of telephone devices
This is a factor loaded onto a device connected to a single phone line each single device [a phone is called REM 1] other devices such as Answer machines can be higher - the line has a maximum REM ** loading - exceed it and the line ceases to work
So consider what other devices around the house are using the same master connection .

** Ring Equivalent

  Clapton is God 09:06 11 Sep 2007

And the REM is usually 4 - i.e. a maximum of four devices each with a REM of 1.

  wee eddie 09:17 11 Sep 2007

Are you sure that this is a Dial-up Modem?

It is rare for them to be fitted to PCs these days

  Arnie 18:04 11 Sep 2007

REN. Ringer Equivalence Number.

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