Phone card compatibility

  Doberman 09:30 24 Apr 2009

I have just bought a microSDHC memory card for my Samsung G600 phone and tried to transfer images from the phone to the card.I keep getting the message " no entry " and the card shows zero images.I was wondering if the type of card ie. high capacity is incompatible with this paticular phone.As far as I know I have been through the formatting procedure correctly.I know that this isn't specifically a computer problem but am hoping someone has an answer.

  jamesd1981 20:10 24 Apr 2009

hi doberman you dont say what brand your card is i uesd to have a g600 and had no problem it could be faulty card firstly id try formatting you card in pc for that you need an sd adapter you put your micro card into that and turns it into sd size to fit pc if you dont have one go to morrisons they have a sandisk pack for about £15 you get a 2gb micro sdhc card and two adapters mini sd and full sd the full sd will fit pc and you will get another 2gb micro to use or if you have an sd adapter and formatting it doesnt work morrisons do a 4gb sandisk micro sdhc card on its own for about £10.

  Devil Fish 21:34 24 Apr 2009

have you checked your phone manual you may have to format the card as i did with my lg before it recognised it

and for your info the hc part means high contrast

  Devil Fish 21:38 24 Apr 2009

tesco doing 4gig sandisk micro sdhc for £7.32 until early may just grabbed a couple my self

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  MAT ALAN 22:01 24 Apr 2009

click here
text taken from link...

Samsung G600 accepts Micro SD cards.The largest Micro SD card you can use in your Samsung G600 is 2GB..

If its not SD and its bigger than 2gigs its not compat.

  phono 22:04 24 Apr 2009

"and for your info the hc part means high contrast"

The HC part stands for High Capacity.

  MAT ALAN 22:09 24 Apr 2009

Capacity Standard SD: 4 MB to 4 GB
SDHC: 4 GB to 32 GB
SDXC: 32 GB to 2 TB

anyone else confused by this
click here

  Devil Fish 00:51 25 Apr 2009

very informative thank you

and apologies for my earlier post i was obviously mis informed


  Strawballs 04:08 25 Apr 2009

It looks like it was the wrong card a standard micro sd required not sdhc micro my U900 takes an ordinary micro SD

  Strawballs 04:14 25 Apr 2009

2gig + adapter £3.99 on click here

  Doberman 09:39 27 Apr 2009

Thanks for all responses,particularly Mat Alan.Have now got a 2GB card ( Non-HC!)

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