Phone calls over the Internet

  exdragon 08:28 03 Dec 2004

Can you make overseas calls over the Internet, at the local rate? I've had a look in the archive but can't see anything recent.

My daughter is emigrating to New Zealand next week and as she can talk for England, I'm wondering if we can keep in touch this way. I've got dial up, but don't know what she'll have when she gets there.


  MidgetMan 08:32 03 Dec 2004

will this help?? click here

my daugter has used it in the past and it is ok, do search on here for more info/feedback

  exdragon 08:44 03 Dec 2004

This was one of the things mentioned in the archive, but the majority of the comments weren't very good! It's bad enough trying to sort out her computer when I'm here and she's in N Ireland - I couldn't cope of it all went pear shaped on the other side of the world!

I'll see if there are any more suggestions, if I may

  feb 09:48 03 Dec 2004

Have you tried a headset with a mic and windows mesenger?

  Bagsey 09:55 03 Dec 2004

I use MSN Messenger with a webcam (sometimes just mike) to chat to my son in Oman and it is fine and best of all free (using Broadband)
As with all long distance calls these days there is a small time delay which can be disconcerting but you get used to it quickly.

  feb 10:10 03 Dec 2004

And with the webcam you get to see each other aswell

  exdragon 10:10 03 Dec 2004

Two minds with a single thought!

Thanks - I've just had a look at Messenger and have emailed her to set up a passport. Haven't got a mike yet - she doesn't go til next week and God knows when her computer will arrive! I'll see if we can get something set up before the removal men arrive.

Are the calls just charged at the local rate - I'm on BT Anytime.

Keep an eye on the BT share price - it'll drop like a stone once she's gone...

  Bagsey 11:20 03 Dec 2004

If you are using Messenger to call price is what you normally pay for your internet connection charge.
I have just been looking at Ebay and there is a plethora of webcams at give away prices. Mine was £10 about a year ago and they have dropped a lot since then. Cheap but adequate.

  TomJerry 11:33 03 Dec 2004

you can call it at local rate via telediscount click here

simply dial 0845 2 442 442 and then follow by number you want to dial

I have been using telediscount (also many of my friends) nearly two years, very satisfied with service.

No need internet. IP over dialup does not work well anyway.

  [email protected] 11:41 03 Dec 2004

try click here I make calls to Au & my daughter calls back My biggest phone call for any month over these last 12 months amounted to £24 when my wife Bless her spent several hours talking usually around £12 per month probably the cheapest phone company I have ever used & they are still below all the others in price
I do include all my local & national calls The only draw back is using 1461 predial

  exdragon 11:54 03 Dec 2004

Thank you for those contributions.

Are all webcams equal? Do I need to look for anything in particular, or does any bog-standard one do the job? Does it need to have any sort of compatibility with the PC? I've never really had the need for one before.

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