Phone call from supposedly microsoft technican

  prince midas 15:50 21 Jan 2011

Today an indian lady rang me telling me that they were receiving error messages each day on there supposedly technical service.Hinting it was Microsoft.

To prove her point she asked me to click on Run then type in eventvwr which I did.

This brought up a event log which showed over 308 errors which she said could only be deleted by a technician trained to delelete them. who would have to come to my house.

I finally put down the phone as I thought it could be a scam.

Was it genuine and what are these errors and is it serious?

  GaT7 15:58 21 Jan 2011

It's a scam. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 21 Jan 2011

Definitely a scam!!!!

  Graham. 17:16 21 Jan 2011

Invite the Indian lady to your Palace for Tiffin.

  Ian in Northampton 18:07 21 Jan 2011

Yes, it's a scam - widely discussed on the PCA Forums in different guises - and no, what's in your event viewer is not serious. Any operating system generates 'events' all the time - but is generally resilient enough to deal with them without you even knowing. Where the event viewer comes into its own is if you actually do have a problem, it can be a source of information about what might have caused it. These scammers rely on creating concern/worry that is, in fact, totally groundless. It could have been worse - we had a poster on here only recently who gave one of these scam merchants his credit card details to charge him for some piece of worthless software that would fix these so-called problems.

  clock 18:18 21 Jan 2011

This happened to me a few weeks ago, although it was a male caller, also suggesting he was with Microsoft, and I thought of reporting it to the police as I am a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and it sounded like a scam. I just told him no thanks and put the phone down. Only this week I have had a Voice Connect message from the police warning of just such a scam and not to get involved! Apparently some people have let the caller have access to their computers for what they though was a "free" service and then got a bill!

  mgmcc 19:04 21 Jan 2011

I had a call purporting to be Microsoft and suggesting I had probably noticed that my computer was running slowly. When I asked "which computer?" as I have several, the line went dead. A pity really because knowing it was a scam, I was going to string them along.

  GaT7 19:18 21 Jan 2011

This person strung them along for around 50 mins click here (6 videos).

After a reader complained, someone at ComputerActive mag called them to see what they were about click here. G

  robin_x 21:08 21 Jan 2011

I have heard this scam many times online, on telly and in the papers. Do people spend all day on their iPods these days?

But what is worrying is the OP reports
"...who would have to come to my house."

Normally they remotely connect to your desktop and mess it up i thought? Then asking for fee.

Did the OP mishear or are they trying to get addresses now to send the boys round?

  GaT7 21:12 21 Jan 2011

'....who would have to come to my house.'

That's true robinofloxley, never heard of that one before! G

  lotvic 22:38 21 Jan 2011

Could be a variation of 'I was passing and noticed your roof has got tiles loose missus, I can sort it for £** cash in hand'

I had one cheeky chap a few weeks ago wanting to touch up the paint work after I'd had cavity wall insulation done.
He offered to do it for only £40 - there are 4 cemented circles about the size of a 2p. Hmmm £10 a patch.

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