Phone call from British Embassy?

  Sapins 12:30 04 Jan 2007

I wonder if anyone has come across this before. This morning I missed a call on my mobile which said, in English and French, that it was from the British Embassy. I have telephoned them and they do not have any record of the call. As I would only expect an emergency call from them I am concerned that someone is trying to contact us, although all our family and friends have our ordinary number.


  Technotiger 12:35 04 Jan 2007

Hi, if it really was an emergency I would have thought that it would not be left at the stage of an unanswered mobile phone call - rather, that the Police or similar would have been involved in some way to try and contact you.


  season8 12:35 04 Jan 2007

Do you live abroad?

  Wizards_Sleeve 12:39 04 Jan 2007

Yes, I doubt that the British Embassy would just leave a message on your mobile!! Don't suppose they left a name?!

  Sapins 12:53 04 Jan 2007

Hi, thats what we think, but where did the call come from?

season8, yes we live in France.

Wizards_Sleeve, No name left.

  rodriguez 12:59 04 Jan 2007

What was the number that called you? Did it have +44 in front of it (this would indicate a call from the UK, +33 would indicate a call from France).

  bruno 13:45 04 Jan 2007

There are some scams operating where they hope to get you to call back on a number which costs you a lot of money.My Grandson got done by one a few months back.Cost about £40 I think.

  €dstowe 13:52 04 Jan 2007

My parents have received 2 calls recently (mentioned on here) purporting to be "This is an important call from Lloyds TSB. Press any key to continue."

The key that they pressed was the "off" key to end the call. They contacted Lloyds - both the bank and credit card company and both denied the call originated from them.

One thing that put them off taking it seriously was the very aggressive tone adopted by the recorded voice of the woman making the call.

  cgeneral 13:59 04 Jan 2007

I'm a deputy British Ambassador overseas (outside Europe). If a British Embassy wanted to contact anyone for emergency reasons, they'd say so in any message left. I'm afraid it sounds like a scam. I'd ignore the call; if it's that important, the Embassy will call you back!

  Sapins 16:17 04 Jan 2007

I don't know the number, we don't have caller ID.

€dstowe, I've checked my mobile account and no calls from me are logged.

cgeneral, I think I'll ignore it.

Thank you all for your input, much appreciated.



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