Phoenix BIOS settings

  guesswho2 14:28 04 Nov 2007

Phoenix Award BIOS settings
I'm trying, slowly, to try to get a better understanding of how this machine works! (XP Home+SP2)
I've just been looking at Advanced BIOS Features and I have a query about two of the default settings.
1) Anti-Virus Protection is Disabled - this seems to me to be a good thing, so why is it turned off?
2) Quick Boot is Enabled - the manual says that this allows the system to boot within 5 seconds! It has never done that and as far as I know the boot process is normal and takes about 100seconds or so.
Could someone offer some comment on those features.
At this time the BIOS settings remain as they left Evesham 3 years ago.

  Stuartli 14:30 04 Nov 2007

The AV is most likely the Bios protection version - I've never had it Enabled on my system.

Same for Quick Boot.

  Technotiger 14:34 04 Nov 2007

No1 - most likely because just about everybody has their own choice of Anti-virus program anyway - and two ant-virus on one PC is a big No-No!

No2 - click here

  guesswho2 14:34 04 Nov 2007

Errr thanks Stuartli, but I must admit I don't understand what you mean!

  guesswho2 14:37 04 Nov 2007

Ahhhh!with Technotiger's answer I begin to see what Stuartli meant! Sorry to be slow on the uptake - lots of senior moments at my age!
Thanks to you both.

  DieSse 14:58 04 Nov 2007

BIOSes these days have protection to stop writing to them - which is better than a BIOS anti-virus feature. So most people leave it disabled.

This is not anti-virus for your system in general - just the BIOS. (as Stuartli said).

Quick-boot maybe a misnomer (Also possibly called Quick Power-On Self Test) - it should better be described as Quick-Post (Power On Self Test). Disabling it makes the POST do a longer and more thorough memory test. Just Try it - you'll see the memory test section take muck longer at power-up.

Some main boards have more sophisticated settings - for instance my QDI board has a "BootEasy" (A Quick-boot lookalike perhaps) - which stores bootup parameters and further reduces the time taken by the BIOS to complete it's test and self configuration.

And likewise the QDI board Virus feature also protects writing to the MBR (Master Boot Record) on the hard drive.

So the best plan is to read the manual for your particular board, as there are differences and extra features between boards.

  DieSse 15:00 04 Nov 2007

PS - this doesn't mean the time for the software to boot up - just the hardware. No BIOS setting controls how long the software is likely to take.

  guesswho2 15:13 04 Nov 2007

Thanks DieSse, that was very interesting. Your comments are noted. I'm learning - slowly!

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