Phishing emails

  Liteman 08:42 27 Nov 2010

I've just receieved an email purporting to come from Amazon about a concelled order. This turns out to be a phishing email (confirmed by Amazon). I did not open the email, although the contents were visible in the viewing panel (Outlook 2003), I used Kasperski to send it to the Junk Folder and then cleared that folder. Would the phishing bit still have managed to phish without opening it? Do I need to change all my passwords and bank cards?

  rawprawn 08:49 27 Nov 2010

No you would have had to use the link it was offering, and fill in details for it to have done any damage.

  Sea Urchin 11:11 27 Nov 2010

As rawprawn says there shouldn't be any problem if you didn't click on a link

but as a matter of interest

>> I did not open the email, although the contents were visible in the viewing panel (Outlook 2003) <<

If it is visible in the viewing panel then it is open - always best to suppress the viewing panel and just open emails as you want them.

  palinka 12:08 27 Nov 2010

Sea Urchin beat me to the keyboard - switch off viewing panel. Years ago it was the easiest way to get a virus onto your system, so I never have it on; unfortunately stores seem to sell all PCs with the option switched on.
YOU haven't opened the email but your computer has done it for you - same outcome!
In Outlook EXpress/windows mail/whatever go to View>layout and then remove tick in "show viewing pane" . Then click Apply & OK.

  Liteman 14:28 27 Nov 2010

Problem with your suggestion, Sea Urchin and Palinka, is that had I only seen a list of emails I would probably have opened the email in question as it appeared to, or purported to, have come from Amazon and looked genuine. It was only when viewed that the contents appeared to be fishy (excuse the pun!)

  Sea Urchin 14:41 27 Nov 2010

Yes, that is clearly a problem, but often in phishing mails there is something suspicious under the subject heading.

I think both palinka and I were simply pointing out that your comment about not having opened the email was in fact not correct - but as I said above you should not have caused any problem if you didn't click a link etc.

  Liteman 14:47 27 Nov 2010

Thanks to you all. Looks like one of those problems where there is no simple solution. I will just have to continue be vigilant and hope that Kasperski acts as my backup.

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