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  boon_intheuk 12:17 01 Mar 2008

Hi, I feel rather foolish. I have over the last couiple of weeks been receiving marketing type e-mail from different companys (none of which I recognise). They all have my wifes first name at the top, so I thought she had registered to a site and elected to receive third party marketing. This morning I finally got fed up with them and (not knowing the original website, if any) I clicked on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of these e-mails, a Firefox window opened saying that my e-mail address had been unsubscribed and I clicked on "ok". I did not input any personnel details. Then, not long after I received an e-mail in the same style as the rest, but supposedly from "Argos" this has made me very suspicious and worried, I am usually very careful of these type of e-mails, and I am now concerned that I have allowed some sort of access to my computer and possibly information on it. Could I have allowed some software to be downloaded to my PC to allow scammers to access it? If so, how do I sort this out?
Thanks for any advice you may give, and I hope this is not too lonwinded for you to understand.

  tullie 13:08 01 Mar 2008

Nothing unusual about getting Spam,dont open,just delete,never unsubscribe,this just lets them know that its a live email address.

  palinka 14:50 01 Mar 2008

as tullie says: never open; never unsubscribe; just delete.
But of course some spammers now know that you exist and they will continue to send stuff; and sell your address to other spammers, and so on!
But it's unlikely that anything will now be on your PC that will cause harm.
So what to do with the continuing spam? A friend of mine had similar history to you and he installed "Mailwasher" - it's a free download from the web. If you do the same and then "train" mailwasher about what emails you want to receive and what not it does a brilliant job in keeping most spam at bay. And latest version of Mailwasher contains very clear info on how to use it to best advantage.
In addition, your ISP may provide a spam filter - you mark (unopened) mail as spam and it will block the sender or the sender's domain, etc.
You will inevitably receive spam in the future, but following these steps will reduce it considerably.

  palinka 14:53 01 Mar 2008

i think the site for mailwasher is
click here

  Widow's Son 14:58 01 Mar 2008

and you can set it up to lift your old pop3 mail

click here

  ACOLYTE 15:03 01 Mar 2008

Common sence is your best tool for spam,if it seems to good to be true it usually is.
As long as you think before you click then you should be safe from Phishing
Tools like Mailwasher are a good backup to this but keep in mind they don't stop spam they just help you manage it.One thing i would add is dont Bounce spam back to where it came from this also alerts the sender that your email is active.
It is also a good idea to set up an internet email address and use this some have the added bonus of being deletable,and you can make new ones if needed.
Most online email have excellent spam blockers built in too.

  peter99co 15:04 01 Mar 2008

I put on a club website am item for sale.The webmaster allowed mobile phone contact or email contact. I chose email. Within a couple of months
I was receiving emails from bank and building societys asking me to check security etc. I installed Mailwasher and now it has learnt to pick up the spam they have given up sending.
My email address had been HARVESTED by some BOT or Human Scum but now clear.

  boon_intheuk 15:54 01 Mar 2008

Thanks for the info, I ran an AVG trst of the system as a precaution and it found "BackDoor.Bifrose" trojan horse. I dont know if this is connected to what I did but I scan pc everyday and it wasnt there yesterday? Cheers again Im gonna have a look at mailwasher as I find going to my ISP email account tedious and these sort of spammers seem to send from a different address every time.

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